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The cell of Giacomo Casanova in the Doge's Palace in Venice

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The cell of Giacomo Casanova in the Doge's Palace in Venice

Giacomo Casanova (1725 - 1798) is one of the world's most famous Venetians, especially for his numerous amorous adventures, which he recounts in his autobiography.

Casanova was not only a great seducer, but also an adventurer: in fact, he was the only person who managed to escape from the terrible prisons of the Doge's Palace in Venice.

Casanova was imprisoned on the night of 25 July 1755 and put in a cell of the so-called 'Leads', i.e. the rooms that were under the roof of the Doge's Palace, covered with sheets of lead. The dreaded Council of Ten had imprisoned him because his libertine behaviour was dangerous for social stability, and also because he was considered a charlatan who befriended elderly nobles with his faux magical knowledge.

He should have stayed in jail for 5 years, but Casanova immediately devised a way to escape. He achieved this incredible feat along with another inmate, Father Marino Balbi, on the night of All Saints in 1755, by making a hole in the ceiling and lowering down into the courtyard of the Doge's Palace, from which he later emerged among the common visitors...

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