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The encounter stone in front of the church of St Peter of Castello in Venice

Local Traditions

The encounter stone in front of the church of St Peter of Castello in Venice

The traditional celebration of St Peter of Castello takes place in the square of St Peter of Castello in June. A whole week of music, shows and plenty of good food.

The celebration of St Peter has been taking place in Venice since time immemorial, considering that until 1807 the church of St Peter of Castello was the Cathedral of Venice before Napoleon chose St Mark's Cathedral as the new home of the patriarch.

Every year on 29 June the Doge would visit the Patriarch with all his entourage; to spare the Doge from the humiliation of having to go up to the entrance of the church as well as the Patriarch from having to receive the Doge on his arrival by boat, thereby a compromising solution was found with the patriarch waiting for the Doge halfway to the church.

To mark the exact spot a white stone in the grey flooring can still be seen today, symbolizing the meeting point of the religious and political powers.

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