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Giacomo Casanova and Santa Maria degli Angeli Church in Murano (Venice)

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Giacomo Casanova and Santa Maria degli Angeli Church in Murano (Venice)

If you are on the trail of the famous Venetian seducer Giacomo Casanova, you must see the Santa Maria degli Angeli church in Murano.

Giacomo Casanova in fact, often came here to listen to Mass on Sunday, not because he was a devout Catholic, but because he lived in a monastery near the most famous of his mistresses, the nun M.M., who was maybe a noblewoman of the Venetian aristocracy. Casanova visited the church just to have some fleeting encounter with the woman he loved, despite being a nun, it is said, however, that in the 17th century such excessive scandals were not elicited...

The monastery where M.M. lived no longer exists, as it was demolished in 1810 during the Napoleonic era, but you can visit the church, which has a very unique structure. In fact, at the end of 18th century, the building was divided into two parts: the ancient chorus, reserved for the nuns was transformed into a military hospital, while the other half remained intact. So, when you enter from the main door, you must walk down a hallway in which there are several doors before reaching the real church, recently restored, which has significant decor from the 16th century and an incredible painted coffered ceiling.

If you want to visit this little gem you need to do as a Casanova did: go to hear mass! Every morning at 8:30 am or Sunday at 11 am.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff

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