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Giuseppe Jappelli's Living Room Furniture in the Querini Stamapalia Museum

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Giuseppe Jappelli's Living Room Furniture in the Querini Stamapalia Museum

One of the rooms of the museum of the Querini Stamapalia Foundation in Venice has some striking pieces of furniture on display: the Pompeian-style living room furniture, built in 1830 by the neoclassical architect Giuseppe Jappelli for Caterina Querini Stampalia Polcastro’s countryside home.

Caterina Querini was Giovanni's sister – the last descendant of the family and the Foundation’s founder. In the nineteenth century, she was the main leader of one of the most vibrant and modern cultural circles in Venice, which was regularly visited by writers and artists of international fame such as Stendhal and Antonio Canova.

After her death in 1870, the living room furniture was moved to the family palace in Santa Maria Formosa where it remains today.

The furniture is built in black lacquered wood with walnut-colored figures, blue fabric padding and depictions of dancing cupids and painted musicians. It consists of a gondola-shaped sofa that rests on four feet with carved snakes, a table with a briar top and mother-of-pearl joints, ten chairs, a fireplace mantle and two small glass cabinets which, in the lower part, follow the curved line of the sofa, while in the upper one there are metal decorations reproducing Corinthian capitals.

Buy your ticket for the Querini Stampalia Museum online and enjoy a uniquely charming visit! This original and still little-known institution in Venice boasts a harmonious blend of ancient and modern, where the splendors from Venice’s former Republic are exhibited next to great names from contemporary art and architecture.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff

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