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The Hall of the famous men at the Florian Cafe in St Mark's Square in Venice

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The Hall of the famous men at the Florian Cafe in St Mark's Square in Venice

St Mark's Square is definitely one of the most picturesque places in Europe; in addition to the incredible monuments that surround it (such as St Mark's Basilica and the Doge's Palace) there are also the elegant cafes, amongst them the Florian, the oldest in the world (founded in 1720).

One of the rooms on the ground floor is called 'the famous men' because it is decorated with portraits of ten big Venetian men: Marco Polo, Titian, Carlo Goldoni, Paolo Sarpi, Palladio, Francesco Morosini, Benedetto Marcello, Pietro Orseolo, Enrico Dandolo and Vettor Pisani. Some of whom were artists (Titian, Carlo Goldoni, Palladia, Benedetto Marcello) but there are also statesmen and leaders (Paolo Sarpi, Pietro Orseolo, Enrico Dandolo, Vettor Pisani, Francesco Morosini).

The portraits in this room were painted by Giulio Carlini in the second half of the 1800s; the portraits are alternated with impressive mirrors and decorated panels, while the ceiling boasts ‘Triumphant Venice', a tribute to the first Florian sign, a 'fresco' painting by Giuseppe Ponga.

This area was once an opening connecting a porch and the inside court of the Procuratie Nuove. The Istrian stone skirting board - not present in the other rooms of the cafe - testifies to this room once being an external area.

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