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The hidden treasures of St Cassiano church in Venice

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The hidden treasures of St Cassiano church in Venice

Far from the usual sightseeing, the San Polo district, the oldest in Venice, keeps some precious treasures including the baroque St Cassiano Church (founded in the 9th century).

The outside is rather anonymous, but if you decide to devote some time you will not be disappointed! The altarpiece, for example, is one of the undisputed masterpieces of the great painter Jacopo Tintoretto: The Crucifixion. Painted in 1568, it is an extraordinary work both for the incredible use of colour and for the originality of the scenery and the dramatic intensity expressed by the figures.

Adjacent to the sacristy, and which is a bit hard to find (just ask the pastor to ignite the light!), there is the beautiful chapel dedicated to St Charles Borromeo. Built in 1746 by the abbot Carlo dal Medico, it is a little gem of Rococo art embellished with numerous polychrome marble, semiprecious stones and walnut wood stalls. The paintings inside are a beautiful Prayer in the Garden of Leandro Bassano and as altarpiece 'Virgin with Child, St. Charles Borromeo and St Filippo Neri of Giambattista Pittoni, who also designed the ceiling canvas.

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