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How much does a gondola ride cost?

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How much does a gondola ride cost?

Have you decided to visit Venice and included a nice gondola ride on the list of things to do? How could we blame you! Is there anything in Venice more typical and fascinating than the gondola?

This elegant boat is the ideal way to discover the enchanting scenery hidden between the smaller canals and to admire the elegant Venetian palaces and the Rialto Bridge that are reflected on the waters of the majestic Grand Canal, lulled by the gentle lapping of the waves...talking about gondolas: did you know that they are all black as ordered by the Serenissima Republic? Well yes. Originally each owner could choose the color of his own boat, but in 1633 and 1746, due to the excessive magnificence and luxury of the decorations, the sumptuary laws of the Republic introduced a precise standard that had to be adhered to, demanding the all gondolas be black. Only the Doge and the Patriarch could dare decorating their boats with scarlet carpets... funny, don’t you think?!?

Back to us. Now let's see together how much a gondola ride costs: prices are set by the gondola organization and equal €80.00 for 30 minutes in the day and €100.00 for 35 minutes in the evening. These prices are for a gondola and should be charged by all gondoliers and at all the gondola stations in Venice but this is not always the case: it could happen that you get different offers.

A bit of web surfing is all it takes to become aware of the mayhem that reigns in the intricate world of gondola rides: there are those who write that they were fully satisfied with the experience, others instead were disappointed or quoted 'it costs a lot and doesn't last long' or that it is 'a scam for tourists'... In short, those who come to Venice and want to try at least once in their lifetime the unique experience of admiring the lagoon city on a gondola, could be faced with chaotic and contradicting information. Don't worry though! We at venetoinside.com are here to help you understand how to make sense of it all!

The gondola stations, or moorings, can be found anywhere in the city and you can easily spot them thanks to specific signs or simply thanks to the presence of a gondolier who invariably asks you ‘Gondola?’. Depending on where you decide to climb on board, the route may change slightly but all the tours will take you to navigate the charming minor canals and then join the wonderful Grand Canal passing under the most famous and beautiful bridges of Venice.

If you are uncertain about buying a gondola ride on site for fear of falling into some ‘tourist trap’, you can trust us. As true insiders, we have checked and chosen for you the best gondola tours at fixed and advantageous prices that you can easily buy online on our portal. Booking the tour in advance has a double advantage: a pre-determined price and the guarantee of finding the gondola ready and waiting for you! Years and years of first-hand experience have allowed us to select the best itineraries and the most professional gondoliers in order to give you a truly safe and unforgettable gondola ride, devoid of nasty disappointments and frustrations related to the tour itself or to the previous search for information on site as well as the internet.

In addition to this, we have tried to create different types of gondola experiences in order to satisfy all your needs so that you can fully enjoy your tour:

These are just some of our proposals! Take a look at our page dedicated to gondola tours and choose the best experience for you, it will certainly be worth it!


By Insidecom Editorial Staff

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