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Mozart in Venice

There is no doubt that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Salzburg 1756-Vienna 1791) is one of the greatest musicians of all time... It is not surprising, however, that Venice is among the cities he visited, since it was one of the most important centres of music in the world in the 1700s.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrived in Venice on February 11th, 1771, together with his Father Leopold and his sister, and stayed until March 12th, guests of the Wider family in a house near Campo San Fantin, on Ponte dei Barcaroli.

Some years before their visit, the house where the Mozart family stayed was involved in a major scandal: the owner, Francesco Faletti Count of Castelman, controlled a number of illegal activities in the area, held a brothel in his house and trained noblemen to become swindlers, so in 1752 it was banned from the Venetian state and put the owner at risk of capital punishment.

In 1771, Ca’ Faletti returned to its ancient respectability, but the shady story of the Count of Castelman must have captured the fervent imagination of young Wolfgang... The figure of the protagonist of Don Giovanni is very much similar to the figure of Faletti!

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