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Pinsa, a typical festive dessert in Veneto

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Pinsa, a typical festive dessert in Veneto

Pinza, or pinsa in Venetian dialect, is a typical dessert in Veneto, Friuli and some valleys of Trentino. The recipe varies from location to location, but some general characteristics can be outlined. The ingredients – simple and typical of the rural tradition but nowadays much richer than in the past - are in fact knead together: stale bread, milk, sugar, eggs, dried fruit, raisins, apples and fennel seeds. It is eaten accompanied by a glass of red wine, in particular fragolino or vin brulé.

In the Venetian tradition Pinsa is not leavened and is said to be the favorite dessert of the Befana!

Until the middle of the 12th century the cake was prepared with a mixture of wheat and maize flour, raisins, dried figs, nut kernels and fennel seeds; it could reach a meter in diameter and, reduced to a very low parallelepiped shape, it was usually wrapped in cabbage leaves and cooked under the hearth ash.

It is eaten during the Christmas holidays, especially during the bonfires of the beginning of the year - pìroe-paroe or panaìni, panevìni, pignarûl, vècie, casere, foghere!

Between a museum visit and a tour in Venice, stop by one of the many pastry shops in the historic center to sample this sweet delicacy!

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