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The terrible story of Biasio the butcher of Santa Croce in Venice

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The terrible story of Biasio the butcher of Santa Croce in Venice

All the number 1 ferry stops along the Canal Grande are named after a church or an important monument, except one: Riva de Biasio.

Who was Biasio? At the time of the Serenissima Republic, on this stretch of the shore there was Biagio Cargnio's shop, famous for his sausages and meat dishes.

One day a worker found on his plate a small portion of a human finger and immediately called the police who found, in the back of Biasio's shop, children's bodies that had been killed by the monster in order to add more taste to his sauces. Biasio confessed but it was never established how many children he killed or how he got hold of them.

The serial killer was dragged by a horse to the prisons where he had his hands chopped off and was then tortured and beheaded in St Mark's Square.

His house and shop were consequently demolished but the name Biasio has been maintained in the collective imagination and that is still the case nowadays when you get onboard or disembark the ferry.


By Insidecom Editorial Staff

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