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The Bridge of Wonders in Venice

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The Bridge of Wonders in Venice

If you pass the famous museum of the Academy of Venice, you will more than likely walk over a bridge curiously named ‘of Wonders'. This is probably so called because a heroine of Venice's history: Belisandra Wonder lived in the building opposite.

Belisandra was the wife of Peter Albino, chancellor of Cyprus, during the capture of the island by the Turks in 1570.

The conquerors managed to enter the capital Famagusta and began killing all those they met and plundering churches and palaces. They made a huge booty, which also included the most beautiful girls and women, destined to the harem of the Sultan of Constantinople.
All the loot was loaded on three large ships anchored in the harbour in front of the city including Belisandra.  The night after the terrible event, she decided to take revenge on the cruel conquerors and with a lit fuse set fire to the gun powder store, blowing herself up and the boats, along with many other prisoners and objects, thereby avoiding the sad fate of slavery.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff

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