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The Devil's Bridge on the Island of Torcello in the Venice lagoon

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The Devil's Bridge on the Island of Torcello in the Venice lagoon

When venturing to the remote Island of Torcello – an ancient settlement of the Venice lagoon – tourists are struck by a stone bridge bearing an unnerving name: the Devil's Bridge.

Legend has it that during the Austrian domination over Venice, a young lady fell in love with an Austrian soldier, who was subsequently killed by her family as they opposed their unpatriotic relationship.

The grief stricken girl sought the aid of a witch who agreed to meet her on the island of Torcello – an isolated place and ideal for magic rituals. The witch called upon the devil who brought the young Austrian back to life and so the two lovers were united again. But it is well known that the devil doesn't do anything for nothing so he made the witch promise that for the next seven years she would bring him on Christmas Eve the soul of a dead child who had recently died.

The witch died soon after in a fire and was not able to keep to her pact with the devil…

So to this day on the eve of 24 December the devil comes to the Devil's Bridge in Torcello in the guise of a black cat and claims in vain the souls he was promised…

By Insidecom Editorial Staff

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