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The Doge's Procession in San Vio Square in Venice

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The Doge's Procession in San Vio Square in Venice

15th June, the day when we celebrate St Vio (Vito in Italian), was a very important day for the Venice Republic. It was in fact when the discovery of the Plot of Baiamonte Tiepolo was celebrated, a conspiracy organized by some of the most influential families of the city, including the Querini, the Tiepolo and Badoer families, to overthrow the government of the Doge Gradenigo and establish a more popular government.

The plot was discovered just in time and the conspirators were exiled or executed: Baiamonte Tiepolo's house in Sant' Agostino was razed to the ground and the jambs of marble that decorated the portal were symbolically donated to the San Vio Church, to thank the saint for the averted danger.

Every year the Doge went in procession to the San Vio church to remember the event; the houses in front of the church, which looked out on the Grand Canal, were demolished to facilitate the docking of the Bucintoro, the ship of the Doge.

In 1808 the San Vio church was demolished and a small chapel (now deconsecrated and used as a private home was built in its place); marbles that decorate the facade of the house are still those of Baiamonte Tiepolo.

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