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The equestrian monument at Cangrande della Scala in Verona

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The equestrian monument at Cangrande della Scala in Verona

One of the most famous people in the history of Verona is surely Cangrande della Scala, Lord of Verona from 1308 to 1329, the year of his death. Cangrande consolidated the power of his family and expanded that of his city to become, thanks to his achievements, the leader of the Ghibelline faction.

Cangrande was not only a clever conqueror, but also a politician, a notorious administrator and a generous patron, known in fact because he was a friend and protector of Dante Alighieri.

Today, one of the most famous monuments in the city of Verona is the Arche Scagliere, the majestic Gothic-style funeral complex of the Scaligeri family that preserves the arks (or tombs) of some illustrious representatives of the family, including the one of the greatest Lord of Verona, Cangrande.

His sarcophagus is surmounted by an equestrian statue of Cangrande (the original is contained in the Museum of Castelvecchio), considered the most beautiful equestrian statue of the fourteenth century and attributed to Giovanni di Rigino: Cangrande is depicted smiling and sat on his horse just after a victorious run, with the wind blowing through the damask caparison that covers the horse up to the hooves. Cangrande's head is covered with a steel coif, while the helmed with a winged dog is thrown behind his shoulders.

Cangrande della Scala is also the protagonist of the fascinating Killing Cangrande - mystery tour in Verona, an original guided tour during which you will be called to solve the intricate mysteries related to the death of this great character!

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