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The Ghost of the Biennale Gardens in Venice

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The Ghost of the Biennale Gardens in Venice

At the entrance of the Biennale Gardens in Venice is the statue of the Resurgence hero Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Few notice, however, that behind the base of the hill stands a statue, of another person, a partisan named Joseph Zolli. This statue was added in 1921, following events that were indeed unique.

One night an old man passed near the monument and was hit very hard on the arm, and after telling what happened to his friends, it was claimed that he was struck by ‘a red shadow.' After that other people in the area experienced similar mishaps, and so some guards were sent to the place and when they arrived, they were thrown back by a red shadow which they recognized as a partisan in a red shirt.

An elderly man who lived close by recognized him as Joseph Zolli, who had died shortly before, during the Mille Expedition and had promised Garibaldi that he would always watch over him even after his death.

Hence, the inhabitants erected a statue of Joseph Zolli who could keep an eye on the General and from that moment the ghost was never seen again...

Venice is rich in ghost stories... Would you like to know other stories and legends? Then don't miss our ‘Mysteries and ghosts walking tour of Venice’!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff

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