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The love story of Maria del Ponte de le Maravegie

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The love story of Maria del Ponte de le Maravegie

Valentine's Day is almost upon us ... Do you know how many love stories and legends were born in Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world?

Even today, especially in the month of lovers, the streets of Venice are imbued with the romantic story of young Maria and her beloved boat handler.

Not far from San Trovaso, near the bridge of Meraviglie (in Venetian dialect de le Maravegie), there lived a family of seven sisters: six were beautiful and full of grace while the seventh, named Maria, was graceless and grumpy. All the handsome boys of the area were competing to get the attention of the six charming girls, but nobody took into consideration poor Maria...

Among the courters who hung around the house de le Maravegie, there was a handsome boy, a boat handler, very successful in regattas but inept with regards to love matters. At one point the boat handler began to suffer from a series of illnesses to the point that he no longer had the strength to row. Concerned about his health, the boy consulted the experts in medical art of the time, but nothing helped cure him. While his health continued inexorably to worsen, an obscure thought began to take hold of him: the cause of his illness could only be caused by a curse, cast against him by Mary full of hatred and envious of her sisters and the fact that he was courting them.

Driven by anger, the boat handler showed up at the sisters' house to punish the witch, but as soon as he reached the bridge he saw, through a window, young Mary who was praying and weeping on her knees before the Crucifix. Upon seeing that, he realized she was not a witch but a sweet and loving girl! Then he entered the house, rushed up the stairs and joined Maria who, despite the initial bewilderment, welcomed him and whispered her love. Struck by the beauty of her words and the sincere soul of the girl, the boat handler realized that he too loved her.

The power of their love allowed the boat handler to regain his strength and to win the regatta. Mary instead blossomed and became a beautiful woman. After a short time, Maria and the boat handler got married... And they lived happily ever after for a good sixty-eight years!

Venice is the ideal destination to celebrate your love! Discover our events and plan a romantic Valentine's Day!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff

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