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The Maltempo Island in Dolo

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The Maltempo Island in Dolo

Along the banks of the River Brenta, connecting Padua to Venice, there are several gems to be discovered... One of these is the Maltempo Island in Dolo! It is a very old city totally embraced by the two sections of the River Brenta: the name of the area originates from the frequent flooding of the river.

Inside the island we can still admire the squero and the ancient mills.

The squero was the ancient shipyard, or covered jetty, where boats travelling along the Brenta could shelter, towed against the current with the help of horses: it is made up of a gable roof, with trusses, supported by ten brick pillars.

Near the squero is also where artisan activities linked to it were located, such as workshops for the construction of oars and rowlocks... The presence of the 'Calle dei Calafati' is further confirmation of the vocation of the island. The caulkers, in fact, were workers responsible for caulking the boats, an operation that was used to waterproof the structure and lining of boats, using tarred cloth to fill the gaps between the boards of wooden hulls or crimp the sheets of metal hulls.

The mills, built in the sixteenth century, comprise a total of 12 wheels and were the most important economic resource of the Republic of Venice: initially used by noble families, later passed into the hands of the State, they have recently been restored by private citizens and today they are used as bars or restaurants.

If you cannot reach Dolo, Venice has also some ancient squeri... The most famous is certainly that of San Trovaso, included in our tour Guided Visit to the Gallerie dell'Accademia and unusual Venice walk!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff

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