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The monster of the black waters of Punta della Dogana and the Glass Museum in Murano

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The monster of the black waters of Punta della Dogana and the Glass Museum in Murano

The beautiful island of Murano, famous all over the world for its thousand-year-long production of blown glass, is currently holding an exhibition entitled 'Murano today. Glass emotions.'

It is an interesting exhibition of contemporary artists from around the world who have used glass to create their works.

In the garden there stands a workpiece that cannot go unnoticed: the monster of the black waters, consisting of a steel skeleton designed by the architect Simona Favrin with a skin of glass scales handmade by Nicola Moretti. The impressive creature, over 6 metres long, recalls the ancient legend of the 'monster of the black waters' of Punta della Dogana, on display at the 54th Venice Biennale and in prestigious international art venues.

Legend has it that a terrible creature resembling a huge sea serpent lives in a large cavity located under Punta della Dogana along the Grand Canal in Venice. Apparently the monster only appears on very rare occasions - on moonless nights when Venice's waters turn very dark... This would explain the name 'monster of the black waters'.

The last sighting dates back to 1933, when two cuttlefish fishermen swore to have seen it rise above the water surface and devour a whole seagull in one gobble!

Legends and mysteries pervade every corner of Venice... If these stories arouse your curiosity, do not hesitate to contact us to organise a guided tour of secret Venice filled with emotions!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff

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