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The Sagredo Casino in Venice

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The Sagredo Casino in Venice

Venice has always been known for the grandeur of its festivals, especially during the Carnival season. But also private parties, especially the rich patricians, were characterized by an 'incredible elegance and luxury.

Venetian nobles created special rooms in their palaces for private parties, called ‘casini'. There are only a few left in Venice, and the best one is the 'Sagredo Casino', which is part of the hotel Ca 'Sagredo in Santa Sofia.

It is a series of six rooms decorated with stucco and bas-reliefs representing birds, exotic animals, symbols of the arts and trophies with light colours. In the four corners in one of the rooms the emblems of painting, sculpture, music and architecture are represented while the ceiling features three landscape compartments.

The decoration - one of the most valuable of the early eighteenth century in Venice - was carried out by the artists Lugano Carpoforo Mazzetti and Abbondio Statius in 1718.

The six different rooms of the Casino also include two elegant suites, complete with sitting room, which derive their name from the subject of the decorations.

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