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The Exhibition of the Venice Film Festival and its ghosts

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The Exhibition of the Venice Film Festival and its ghosts

The Venice Film Festival is probably one of the most prestigious film events in Europe with a long tradition, and this year it is celebrating its seventieth edition.

The symbol of the Venice Film Festival is definitely the Excelsior Hotel on the Lido Island, where the first editions in the '30s were hosted and where parties with the actors in the festival were held. It is therefore not a coincidence that many witnesses claim to have seen the ghost of the actress Luisa Ferida, wandering through the halls and gardens of this beautiful Moorish style hotel. Luisa Ferida was the protagonist of the Italian cinema of the '40s and died when she was only thirty-one years old in 1944 , shot by partisans because unjustly accused of taking part in the torturing organized by the fascists of the Republic of Salò.

Witnesses say they have seen her, dressed in evening gowns and feather boas, walking around asking about her husband, the actor Osvaldo Valenti, who was also shot by partisans (perhaps not unjustly).

If this sad story has enthralled you can not only visit the Hotel as a ghost buster, but also watch the 2008 film directed by Marco Tullio Giordana, ‘Sangue Pazzo', with Monica Bellucci in the role of Luisa Ferida and Luca Zingaretti (Inspector Montalbano ) in those of Osvaldo Valenti.

If you are cinema lovers, don’t miss our ‘Cinetour in Venice: in addition to visiting the places of Venice immortalized in the history of cinema, our guide will make you discover curiosities and anecdotes about the most famous films shot in Venice. We're waiting for you!


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