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Why is it called Titian Red?

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Why is it called Titian Red?

Do you recall the sensual ‘Venus of Urbino’ or the elegant ‘Woman in the mirror’ by Tiziano Vecellio? Now, just focus on the red color with which he paints his subjects and you will notice that it is a warm, intense and sparkling hue so unique and refined that it took its name from its most skilled user: Titian red.

Titian red is a particular shade of very warm and reddish brownish-orange colour that gave the author's paintings a warm and sensual atmosphere. Referring to this nuance with the name of its inventor, Titian, was a way to celebrate the genius of this innovative and multifaceted artist who, thanks to his school, introduced a valid alternative to Michelangelo's style, managing to secure several large commissions from the nobles of the time. Besides the many great artists of the Renaissance period, his particular shade of red also influenced the ladies of the time who dyed and bleached their hair trying to equal the ephemeral beauty of the women depicted in his wonderful works. Ethereal and beautiful women, with white skin and brownish-orange hair that expressed great femininity, refinement and sensuality.

Even today, the Titian red color is highly appreciated and sought-after among women as it is able to strongly enhance the femininity of every woman.


By Insidecom Editorial Staff

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