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Euganean Hills Itinerary

Moving away from the centre of Padua the concrete buildings quickly give way to the luminous greenery of the countryside, where gracious villas and houses alternate with newer edifices. Here, far from the

frenetic city rhythms, we enter another world, a world dedicated to vine-growing and the preservation of ancient traditions. The unique character and pleasure of the Euganean basin consists in a mixture of ingredients: wine, food, spas, nature, history, art and spirituality.

The road of the 13 DoC wines (which includes the homegrown Serprino and Pinello) takes in all these attractions, and fills the palate with their marvels.

First step

winery 'La Mincana'

The farm 'La Mincana', that belongs to Dal Martello family since 3 generations, is situated in the municipal area of Due Carrare, on the East side of the Euganean Hills. The farm is surrounded by vineyards and the complex is composed by a beautiful Villa and a building with arcade where the wine-cellars are situated.

Second step

restaurant Il Canzoniere

The restaurant's name, 'Il Canzoniere,' recalls Petrarch's poetry. But the inspiration here lies in the breathtaking landscape, which guests can enjoy from the terraces, and in the flavors of the dishes, both traditional and innovative.

Third step

restaurant Val Pomaro

Climbing up the hill where the enchanting Arquà Petrarca lies, you will easily find our restaurant among green olive trees. The Val Pomaro Menu combines traditional specialties from Veneto with modern cuisine dishes, thus offering unusual matches and stylish compositions.

Fourth step

Cecilia's Vineyard

Born in 1998 from the previous management of the Brunello family, Vignale di Cecilia is a small agricultural winefarm in the Veneto region, located on the Colli Euganei, hills near Venice, Padua, Vicenza and Verona, an angle of the Mediterranean in mainland.

Fifth step

winery Il Filò delle Vigne

Is located in Baone (PD) insist on a property of over 55 hectares. The first implants originates back in 1948 and in 1975 for the Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The vineyards placed on soils of great PREGIO in the southern and most sunny side of the Euganean Hills, benefit from a special Mediterranean micro climate.

Sixth step

winery Villa Alessi

Inside the farm Villa Alessi it is possible to find a wide exhibit and availability of products, Villa Alessi, Cà Lustra and Zanovello wines, extra virgin olive oil, honey, jams, grappas and distillates. A large hall at the upper floor of the building is available for tasting and snacks; from here, going down to the two lower levels, it is possible to enter the restaurant and the barrel room

Seventh step

winery 'Colle Mattara'

When, surrounded by the beautiful environment of the Euganean Hills, jealously guarded traditions are at work with art and passion, which have been passed down from father to son, vine growing becomes a singular and delicate combination between man and nature. The special vocation of this area and the perfect climate reach their utmost expression in the vines growing on the gentle slopes of Colle Mattara, warmed throughout the day by the light and heat of the sun

By Insidecom Editorial Staff

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