Itineraries in Veneto offers you the opportunity to visit Veneto with a series of itineraries designed just for you to fully appreciate our beautiful region. Divided into categories and themes of different duration, these itineraries can be a good starting point to help you organize your holiday in Veneto, with regards to both the time required to include the places and areas that should not to be missed!


Thanks to its vast natural heritage, Veneto is a playground for sports: activities of all kinds and levels are available that can accommodate the needs of every type of tourist. Each area of the region is equipped for a variety of disciplines that can be practiced in its territory, which may be seasonal or available 365 days a year: sailing, parasailing, kite surfing, skiing and snowboarding, hiking, rafting, hiking, golf and so forth. But also more 'traditional’ sports such as fishing, volleyball, tennis, basketball and many more!