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If you are looking for an original and enjoyable way to discover the cities and the most interesting places in Veneto, our Game Tours are what you need!

What is a game tour and how does it work? It is a guided interactive tour that will make you discover some of the most interesting places in Veneto as you solve puzzles and riddles. It is an original experience that is enjoying great participation from people around the world. Thanks to their versatility, our game tours are well suited to all types of customers: tourists but also groups of friends, colleagues and families with children. An engaging and captivating experience that will let you discover the monuments, castles, history and art of beautiful cities like Venice, Vicenza and Verona, and that you will enjoy from the start right through to the end.

Have a look at our gametours, we are sure you will find the perfect one for you!


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Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a treasure chest of monuments and works of art of inestimable value. Why not try and experience it in a completely different way than the standard guided tours? Here are our choices of Venice gametours that will allow you to discover the city whilst participating in a game:

Would you like to take on the role of a detective for a day? If the answer is yes, book The Mask Collector, an unmissable game tour that will lead you to the discovery of both famous and tucked-away places of the capital of the Veneto region. With puzzles, riddles and mysteries to unravel, will you be able to capture a skilled diamond thief and unravel his biggest plan?

If instead you are intrigued by the idea of being the protagonist of a true story, our advice is to book one of our two game tours with real actors in costume: choose between a 'spicy' one, dedicated to Veronica Franco, the most famous courtesan of the Serenissima, and an 'intellectual' one dedicated instead to Tintoretto. You will learn about legends, anecdotes and amusing stories and discover the history and peculiar facts of the main characters by putting yourself in the protagonists’ shoes. GameTour in Venice, a truly unique alternative to the standard mass market tours!



If we say ‘Verona’, what comes to mind? In addition to the Arena, surely the two tormented lovers, famous all over the world who are also the protagonists of one of our flagship game tours: Romeo and Juliet. Starting from a mysterious book citation, discover the iconic places of the city of Verona and who knows ... maybe you will be the one to rewrite the end of the famous love story!

Do you like mysterious and noir stories? Then roll up your sleeves because, by taking part in Killing Cangrande you will become private investigators! Together with our guide, you will cross the historic center of Verona in search of new clues that will lead you to discover the truth about the poisoning that, in the 14th century, caused the death of Cangrande I della Scala, Lord of Verona.

Are you looking for a Verona gametour suitable also for children and teenagers? has also thought about this with 'Barbarians, Gladiators and Gods': led by Iulius, a Roman child fleeing from barbarians with his family, you will visit the most evocative places of the city in an experience suspended between reality and fantasy!

Still on the topic of 'time-travelling', the game tour 'The Treasure of the Templars' will make you discover Sirmione, one of the most beautiful and characteristic towns of Lake Garda: among mysteries and local legends, you will have to decipher an ancient encrypted message that will reveal a centuries-long mystery to you. One of the most interesting interactive experiences in Verona and its surroundings to visit Sirmione on foot and by motorboat.



A fascinating game tour in the heart of Vicenza, Palladio’s Shadow is an unmissable interactive experience suitable for all ages. Starting from a book citation provided by our guide, you will visit the historic center of the city to discover the clues that will lead you to unravel an ancient mystery: the death of Andrea Palladio, a famous 16th century architect who designed sumptuous villas, palaces and monuments in Vicenza and its province.



What is the link between the brutal murder of Lucrezia Dondi Dall’Orologio Obizzi and the terrorist attack that caused the death of Francesco Ferdinando in Sarajevo in 1914? You will be the one to find out by taking part in the game tour 'The mystery of the amulet at the Catajo Castle', a thrilling guided tour of the ancient walls of the castle in Battaglia Terme - Padua where, even today, the ghost of the noblewoman hangs around. Make use of your investigative skills and be the one to solve the mystery of the amulet!


With discovering Veneto whilst playing has never been easier!

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Gametours: Visit and Play