Special Redentore in Venice


Wondering where to go to watch the fireworks on the night of the Redentore Festival in Venice and how to best enjoy the Redentore Festival celebrations? If you are asking yourself these questions, and if your dream is to attend one of the most famous festivals in Venice, you are in the right place!

As tradition dictates, the Redentore Festival is celebrated on the third weekend of July. It is one of the most popular and heartfelt events in Venice: religion, history, enjoyment, lights and colors are the main ingredients of this not-to-be-missed celebration. Although its origins are ancient, and linked to the tragic plague that decimated the Venice Republic, nowadays the Redentore Festival owes its undisputed success to the amazing fireworks display that attracts thousands of spectators from all over the world.

Celebrate the Redentore Festival in Venice and enjoy the chance to experience once more one of the world’s most beautiful traditional festivals that takes place in the heart of Venice!

If you are still looking for things to do during the Redentore Festival in Venice, read about all our ideas below! We at Venetoinside have selected for you the top experiences to enjoy at its best the most magical evening of the year and we also have advice on how to see Venice’s Redentore fireworks as real protagonists!


A dinner in an exclusive hotel in Venice with a view over St Mark’s Bay, excursions on typical Venetian boats to admire the fireworks from the front rows or jolly boat parties…Where to go during the Redentore Festival? What are the Redentore in Venice things to do? For all this and more, just read on and you will feel spoilt for choice!

This Venice fireworks celebration enjoys worldwide acclaim and for this reason we have created a section entirely dedicated to this event: click on the tabs to see all our ideas, choose the one that is best for you and then easily book online!

Redentore fireworks where to watch? That’s easily answered!

If you want to admire the marvelous fireworks display as true insiders, a boat trip is definitely the most fascinating experience! Did you know that the boat is also the preferred means of transport for the Venetians who want to take part in the Redentore Festival? From the early hours of the afternoon, thousands of traditional and non-traditional boats flock to St Mark’s Bay to grab a seat on the front row... Have a look at all our ideas on tours and boats parties and choose the one that takes your fancy!

If what you prefer is experiencing the charm and magic of Venice during Redentore from within the city, why not celebrate in one of the elegant hotels overlooking St Mark’s Bay, bestowed with the best spots to watch the most famous fireworks in the world? Take a look at our different choices and treat yourself to a relaxing candlelight dinner or a joyful buffet dinner; the menus combine tradition and innovation to offer unique dishes for a truly unforgettable evening ...

Don't miss the Redentore fireworks on the water that will make Venice even more magical and fascinating... Lights and emotions in an evening to be experienced at least once in your life! Choose where to go during the Redentore and how to see Venice’s Redentore Fireworks and book online!