St. Mark's Basilica Tours

St Mark’s Basilica has always been one of Venice’s icons. Its majesty, splendid domes, golden mosaics and decorated marble floor make it one of the world’s most beautiful monuments and, unsurprisingly, one of the most visited in Italy.

So, if you are planning a trip to Venice or just a quick visit to the city, we advise you to book a guided tour of St Mark’s Basilica: our expert guides will accompany you in the discovery of its incredible treasures and, as true insiders, they will also reveal some interesting anecdotes!

On this page you will find all our guided tours of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, sometimes combined with other tours to make the best of the time you have available. Choose what is right for you... and book with a click!


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If what takes your fancy is an exclusive visit to St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, we recommend you book our 'Unusual perspectives of St Mark’s Basilica' tour, thanks to which you will admire the splendid interiors but also access the upper floor and the magnificent terrace and enjoy dazzling views over St Mark’s Square!

If you want to enjoy a truly unique and exciting visit to this splendid monument, what you need is our 'Guided evening visit to St Mark’s Basilica': experience the thrill of admiring the golden illuminated interiors and the Crypt, which can be exclusively accessed as part of this crowds around you and you will be accompanied by an expert leading your small group. Sounds exciting?

To give you extra time and better value for your money, we also offer several combined tours, which include a tour of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice with other not-to-be-missed experiences. If you want to experience Venice at its best, we suggest you book our 'Tour of St Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace' or our 'Shared gondola ride combined with a tour of the Basilica'. If instead what you are looking forward to is a more comprehensive tour, we offer 'The best of Venice: walk, gondola ride and visit to the Basilica'.

But we have more in store! Is your time limited but are you eager to get to know the wonders of the 'most beautiful living room in Europe?' No worries, we have an answer to that too! Our 'St Mark's Square Express' tour includes a pleasant walk in the company of a guide who will explain to you the structure, style and harmony of the square and the main monuments overlooking it.

As you can see, there are so many guided tours of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice we can offer... the choice is yours!

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St. Mark's Basilica Tours