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Majestic, mysterious, classic: timeless, in other words! Insidecom, through its portal, invites you to discover the Venetian Villas in Italy: guided tours, tastings, unique activities and exclusive guided tours to get to know these enchanting historic buildings.


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We have selected for you some of the most charming Palladian Villas in Italy and carefully reviewed them to bring out the unique and remarkable character of each one.

Thanks to our tours of the Palladian villas of the Veneto region, you can now visit the Palladian villas in Vicenza or discover the Venetian villas in Padua, Treviso, Verona as well as the Palladian Villas of the Brenta Canal as real protagonists, and admire these historic places thanks to original and novel experiences, uniquely prepared to highlight the essence and the uniqueness of these impressive residences.

Visiting the Palladian villas of the Veneto will this way become a real emotional journey that will awaken all five senses ... What we propose is much more than a simple Palladian villas itinerary: the Venetian and Palladian villas will open up a thousand different worlds to you: wine, organic produce, nature, family activities, opportunities for self-indulgence and refined relaxation, surprising and secret stories, stylish gardens, architecture and ... much, much more!

Our guided Palladian villas tour will allow you to get to know the imposing dwellings of the Venetian aristocracy built throughout the Veneto region between 1400s and the end of 1700s. They are not just museums but often elegant houses still inhabited by noble Venetian families with centuries of history, concealing surprising and interesting facts.

There are more than 4,000 houses built by the nobility of the Republic of Venice: they are a magnificent, discreet and silent presence and a perpetual witness of the ruling of the ancient Venice Republic on the mainland. Some of the most beautiful were designed by the architect Andrea Palladio and are enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage sites: we are talking about the Palladian villas near Vicenza, Palladio’s homeland, but also some of the Venetian villas in Treviso, built to work as wineries and agricultural production centres. We should also mention the famous Venetian villas of the Brenta Riviera, admired by those navigating the canals for their magnificence and splendour, not forgetting the Venetian villas around Padua, ideal for those seeking respite and recreation in the unspoiled scenery of the Euganean Hills Regional Park. Finally, a visit to the Palladian villas near Verona, whose farms and wineries are still world-class leaders in the production of excellent wines and agricultural products.

Insidecom has selected for you its Timeless Villas in an exclusive, independent and passionate way, and carefully hand-picked the best Palladian villas to visit throughout the region: on this page you will find the Palladian villas near Vicenza, Padua, Treviso, but also the Palladian villas near Verona and the Palladio villas of the Brenta River that are ideally poised to display their personal story. Each villa, in fact, is a world of its own and has characteristics that are not found elsewhere, with an individual essence all to be revealed... All of our tours of the Palladian villas from Venice offer inimitable and unmatched experiences in the 'here and now' and deeply authentic and exclusive itineraries.

In some cases, if the villas are still inhabited by the Venetian families for which they were originally built, our Palladio villas visit will be led by the owner, who will tell you in person the anecdotes and stories related to the Doges and Sea Captains of their families who served for the Republic of Venice: a unique privilege thanks to authentic stories that you will not hear from anyone else, or doors that will be opened exclusively for our Palladian villas tours. This is exemplified in Villa La Rotonda, Palladio's greatest work, nowadays still inhabited by the Valmarana family, or Ca 'Marcello, a majestic villa in the countryside of Padua, once operating as the land management centre for the surrounding territory.

Other Palladian villas to visit are farms still today producing the best organic produce, or famed wineries where the most famous wines of Veneto region are produced: Amarone and Prosecco, just to name a few. Here, your palate will be delighted by unforgettable flavours, your mind and eyes will be enchanted by the beauty of sumptuous places and gardens imbued with fascination... For example, during the tour of Villa Mosconi Bertani in Valpolicella, one of our Palladian villas in Verona, Italy, you will have the opportunity to take part in a private tasting, while at the Roncade Castle in the Treviso plain towards the Adriatic sea, you will be able to discover renowned Bordeaux blends in the estate that first started producing them in the Veneto region.

Another way to discover these magnificent estates in a slow fashion is by bike, enjoying the tranquil flow of the rivers along the way or the unspoilt landscapes of the surrounding hills. During our itineraries of the Venetian villas in North East Italy by bike you will be escorted by expert guides, ready to reveal the secrets of the villas and also explain the pivotal role they played in the history but also the present-day life of the surrounding areas. Villa Valmarana Nani in Vicenza, adorned by carefully preserved Tiepolo’s magnificent frescoes, which are considered the pinnacle of 18th century painting, awaits you at the end of a wonderful (and undemanding) bike tour designed for you in the historic center of Vicenza and the nearby hills.

Insidecom awaits you in its Timeless Villas ... Venetian Villas ready to be visited, discovered, enjoyed and, above all, uniquely experienced by you!

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Palladian Villas - Timeless Villas