Special Venice Carnival

The full program for the Venice mask festival is ready: Carnival parties and masked balls will take place from 27 January to 13 February 2018 in the best hotels and palaces of the historic old town!

If you plan to take part in an exclusive Venice masquerade ball or other Venetian Carnival activities, you can find the detailed program, more info and prices through the tabs dedicated to different products on this page; for a general overview of the Venice Carnival have a look at our special for the Carnival in Venice.


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The Venice Carnival Festival is renowned throughout the world: every year thousands of people visit the lagoon city during this big event to take part in the exclusive costume parties and masked balls… Or just to breathe the lively atmosphere that invades the city for the period of the festival!

Given the importance of the Venice Carnival and its great attraction for tourism, we have decided to devote an entire section of our portal to the event, its parties and other original ideas for you to fully experience the magic of one of the biggest annual events in Venice! Through the various tabs you can learn about various offerings of Venice Carnival 2018 party ideas, choose the one that suits your needs and book conveniently online. Please note that almost all the events require that you wear a historical costume: if you do not already have one, then we suggest you to rent venetian masks, costumes and any accessories from Carnival Atelier Tiepolo!

Early booking is recommended as the seats for major events of the Carnival of Venice are limited and, given the high number of requests, usually sell out well in advance!

If you are wondering what to do during Venice Carnival, such as palace parties, exclusive and original dance events, get ready for the magic that the Venice Carnival is famous for around the world! Below you will find a brief overview of the best Venice Carnival balls and parties that we have selected for you in 2018!

Venice Carnival Celebrations in Palaces

The most exclusive Venice Carnival private parties are set in the original and elegant mansions of the Venice Republic. These are celebrations of great charm, where the location plays a key role in recreating the legendary atmosphere of the Venetian Carnival and where guests can fully experience the magic of the past.

  • Tiepolo Ball at Palazzo Pisani Moretta: housed in the famous Pisani Moretta Palace, it is one of the flagship events of the Venetian Carnival. Offering a fable-like ambiance, which owes much to the palace itself, frescoed by the likes of Guaranà, Tiepolo and Longhi, providing the backdrop to an unforgettable evening: a starry menu, traditional music and dancing until late at night!

Dress code: historical costume
Date: Thursday 8 February 2018
Price: from €150.00 per person

  • Carnival In Love at Palazzo Contarini della Porta di Ferro: famous for its elegant environments that are modelled to recall the atmosphere of the Golden Age of Venice, Palazzo Contarini houses one of the most extravagant parties of the 2018: 'Mysteries of Venice'! Discover the depths of the human soul between lust and sin!

Dress code: historical costume
Date: Saturday 10 February 2018
Price: from €130.00 per person


Calendar events Venice Carnival 2018 party afternoon

In addition to the full program of celebrations at the palace, the Venice Carnival also offers a series of afternoon events: dance lessons and original proposals to spend a few hours in company and enjoying the pastimes of the past.

  • Cioccolata Danzante – Balls & Tasting at Splendid Venice Hotel: vintage dances and hot chocolate to recreate the light and lively atmosphere of the Carnivals of the past at the Splendid Hotel Venice! Included in the Venice Carnival events program for the past several years, Dancing Chocolate has two dates dedicated to those who wish to learn the most famous dances of a Venetian carnival masked party led by an experienced dance instructor.

Dress code: historical costume
Date: Sunday 4 and 11 February 2018
Price: €110.00 per person

  • Cotillion - Sweet Dance Classes at Monaco&Grand Canal Hotel: to take part in the best balls of Venice Carnival it is good to know at least the basic steps of the traditional dances. By participating in Cotillion, you can follow an experienced dance instructor and his partner and learn the basic steps which you can replicate in the elegant masked parties in Venice! Exceptional location: the beautiful halls of the Hotel Monaco&Grand Canal.

Dress code: historical costume
Date: Monday 5 and Wednesday 7 February 2018
Price: €140.00 per person


Venice Masquerade balls in 2018 – Danieli Hotel, Monaco&Grand Canal

The best balls of Venice Carnival are not only held in private palaces. Even the most famous hotels of the old town are taking part in the festivities by hosting exclusive Venice Carnival private parties!

  • Minuetto - Masked Dinner Dance at Hotel Danieli: dinner and dancing Venice mask party in the most famous hotel in Venice! Three appointments not to be missed, to get in touch with the fun and festive atmosphere of the event in a Venice Carnival location of great prestige! Musicians and dance teachers to entertain guests during and after the served dinner designed by the chef of the Danieli Hotel.

Dress code: historical costume
Date: Saturday 3 and 10 and Monday 12 February 2018
Price: €300.00 per person

  • Minuetto Al Ridotto – Dinner & Masked Balls at Monaco&Grand Canal Hotel: a historic Venetian ridotto, undisputed symbol of the Carnivals of Venice, for the most intimate Venice masked ball of 2018! An evening designed to best recreate the elegance and charm of the past and offer participants an almost surreal and fairytale atmosphere! Dinner, dancing and Venice Carnival music for an evening of great emotions.

Dress code: historical costume
Date: Saturday 3 and 10 February 2018
Price: €320.00 per person


And finally do not forget the original appointments of the Venetian galleon! You should not miss the six nights to join an original boat Carnival party in Venice with music, fun and unrivalled scenery!

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Special Venice Carnival