Doge's Palace Guided Tour and Shared Gondola Ride

Duration: approx. 3 hours and 30 minutes 

Location: Venice


Why choose this experience?

1 A guided tour of the Doge’s Palace combined with a gondola ride in a single experience at a really convenient price!
2 Experience a journey that will take you from the beating heart of the city and the power center of the Venetian Republic to the hidden and mesmerizing smaller canals of the historic center.
3 Because you will admire the sumptuous rooms of the Doge’s Palace, cross the famous Bridge of Sighs and visit the prisons accompanied by an expert guide who will tell you about the fascinating past of Venice.

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Important information


from 1 April to 31 October.

Departure point:

under the Clock Tower in St. Mark's Square.

Departure time


2.15 pm

Languages available


There are no explanations during the gondola ride.


Full: €85.00

Children from 6 to 14 years: €76,00
Children from 2 to 5 years: €33.00
Children up to 1 year: free

approx. 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Guided tour
  • Admission to the Doge’s Palace, visit to the Bridge of Sighs and the Prigioni Nuove
  • Gondola Ride (without explanations)
  • Explanations during the gondola ride
  • What is not specified under "Inclusions"
Additional information:
  • COVID-19: to participate in the tour you are required to wear a face mask. Please don't forget it!
  • Before booking, please be advised that it is compulsory to print a paper copy of the voucher issued at the end of the online reservation and bring it with you the day of the tour.
  • Please arrive at the meeting point at least 10 minutes before the tour departure time. At the tour departure point you will meet a representative who will check your vouchers and give you information to do the tour. Please be advised that, due to the new security measures concerning the entrance into the major Venice museums, there might be queues at the entrance, with consequent protraction of the usual waiting time to access the museums.
  • This is a collective tour, which means there might be other participants going on the tour with you. A gondola can host up to 6 people, thus if your reservation includes more than 6 people, your group will be divided into smaller groups, or rather you will enjoy different gondolas.
  • This is a combo tour including 2 single tours: between the first and the second tour there will be a break. Guided tour only inside the Doge’s Palace; no explanations during the gondola ride.
  • The tour might be suspended in case of BAD WEATHER. In such cases you are required to go to the tour departure point in order to know whether the tour takes place or not and any alternative ways to use the service.
  • Please note that, due to the particular morphological structure of Venice and the logistic problems resulting from it, we cannot guarantee that the whole tour is accessible to people with limited mobility. This means that people with walking difficulties and wheelchair users could not be able to access some parts of the itinerary.
  • Unfortunately you cannot be refunded (neither totally nor partially) if you don’t show up at the meeting point at the time indicated on the voucher or if you leave before the end of the tour.Therefore we advise you to locate in advance the meeting point and how to get there in order to avoid being late or any inconveniences that would prevent you from being on time, especially in case of public transport strikes, great events or bad weather. If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at our emergency contacts indicated on the voucher you will get at the end of the reservation.

In exceptional cases and/or reasons of force majeure (i.e. acts of nature, strikes, exceptional closures,serious unexpected events or health problems experienced by the person in charge with the service after which it is really impossible to find a substitute) the service you booked might be cancelled. If this should happen, you will be informed as soon as possible and, according to the type of service you booked, you will have the possibility to choose between postponing the service on the first date available or receiving a total refund of the price paid, if the cancellation policy of the service itself allows a refund.

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Full description

Once in the historic center of Venice you will find many places to visit and itineraries to follow... Out of all of them, two unmissable experiences are the Doge’s Palace guided visit with gondola ride!

Thanks to this tour you will combine two of the most popular attractions in one single itinerary: Doge’s Palace guided visit with gondola ride!

You can book the tour directly online from our portal thus avoiding having to unduly wait on site: you will just have to arrive at the specified meeting point to start this unforgettable journey that will take you from the artistic, historical and architectural splendor of the Doge's Palace to the gentle rocking of the waves and the reflections of the buildings on the water. Please note that between the guided tour of the Doge’s Palace and the gondola ride there is a break: the duration of the tour specified in this sheet is meant for the entire duration of the experience, including the break.

You will start your Venice itinerary in one of the most beautiful ‘lounges’ in the world: the famous St Mark’s Square. Here, near the 15th century Clock Tower, you will be greeted by an expert local guide who will accompany you to visit the Doge’s Palace, the center, the heart and the symbol of the power of the Serenissima Republic.

The Doge’s Palace, as the power center of the Doge and the Venetian magistracies, has always followed the history of Venice. Its current appearance is the result of various political vicissitudes, fires and reconstructions. Today it is a magnificent example of Flowery Gothic. The grandeur and beauty of the exterior is reflected in the sumptuously decorated interior rooms with works by great artists such as Veronese, Tintoretto and Tiziano.

Do not miss out on the magic of these places!

With our expert guide you will enter from the ancient Gate of Wheat and you will find yourself in the wide courtyard where two colossal statues of Mars and Neptune sit, allegories of the power of Venice on land and sea, which seem to watch out for visitors from the top of the Golden Staircase. Inside the Palace you will admire different rooms including: the Museo dell’Opera where ancient capitals are preserved that refer not only allegorical anecdotes but also moments of the life of the Venetian people; the Piano delle Logge from which you can enjoy a view of the beautiful inner courtyard of the Palace and a captivating view of the Piazzetta San Marco and the Golden Staircase, where the pure gold illuminates and embellishes the vaults. Once you reach the top of the stairs, you will cross the two upper floors, dedicated to the decision-making and executive power of the Serenissima Republic and to the Doge's apartments. The decorations here will leave you speechless!

This exciting itinerary will take you to the famous Bridge of Sighs, built in the 17th century to connect with a double corridor the Palace and the terrible Prigioni nuove where, even today, you can sense and read on the dark walls the suffering of those who were here imprisoned.

After the visit to the Doge's Palace, there will be a short break before taking part in the second section of the tour, during which you will find yourself comfortably seated on a gondola, the typical and elegant traditional Venice’s boat.

The gondola is one of the most ancient icons of Venice, famous all over the world. The elegance and lightness of its lines have made it a dream for the very romantic. The current appearance is the result of numerous changes and innovations that have occurred over time and since it was invented it made it possible to transport passengers in the treacherous waters of the lagoon. Just think that in the period of the greatest splendor of the Venetian Republic there were more than 10,000 gondolas! Not all gondolas were painted black in the past... the great noble families competed against each other to create the most beautiful gondola: it was decorated with stuccos, bright colors and golden details. Such ostentation of wealth became so widespread that the Senate of the Republic had to intervene and thus decreed that all gondolas had to be painted black.

Enjoy your journey in this ancient vessel: you can admire marvelous Venetian buildings that overlook the waters, navigate narrow canals and you will see breathtaking views in a surreal and relaxing atmosphere contrasting the hectic city’s life.

Let yourself be fascinated by these two tours combined in one package that will allow you to take in two of Venice's most famous attractions ... Without forgetting that the price of the tour of the Doge’s Palace and gondola ride in Venice is less than that of the individual tours Guided tour of the Doge's Palace and Gondola Ride!

Don’t hesitate to book the Doge's Palace and gondola ride tour in Venice through our website, it will only take a few clicks!

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