Evening guided visit to the Museum of Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista in Venice

Duration: approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes 

Location: Venice


Why choose this experience?

1 To visit the Museum of Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista during the evening, in a relaxed atmosphere and under a completely different light
2 To discover the historical and artistic wonders of the entire museum complex, accompanied by an expert guide
3 To admire the hall frescoed by Guarana and the ancient banner, visible to the public only during guided tours

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Friday 6th July and Friday 21st September 2018

Departure point:

Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista - San Polo, 2454

Departure time

8.30 pm

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Full: €15.00

children up to 11 years: free

approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Entry ticket to the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista
  • Guided visit to the museum complex
  • What is not specified under "Inclusions"
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Full description

An unmissable guided tour of the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista Museum in Venice which, in a very exceptional way, opens its doors to the public in the evening, when the projections of shadows and lights makes everything even more evocative.

By taking part in our tour you can visit the Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista, the same-name Church, the Scuola’s ‘Campiello’ and the Campiello di San Giovanni with its magnificent marble septum and learn more about the history, architectural features and artistic details of this splendid museum complex. All this in the evening, when the city is less crowded, under a completely different light.

The two floors on which the building of the Scuola Grande develops - still today the seat of the lay confraternity founded in 1261 - harmoniously blend different architectural styles ranging from Renaissance to Gothic and Baroque. Moreover, during your visit to the Scuola, you can admire the hall frescoed by Jacopo Guarana and the ancient banner, recently restored and usually not visible to the public.

Let’s have a look at the architectural and artistic wonders that, with the help of an expert guide, you will discover.

  • The first thing you will see that will immediately jump to your eyes is the splendid external SEPTO MARMOREO (marble gate) by Pietro Lombardo, completed between 1478 and 1481 that, from the San Giovanni Campiello, dominates the entrance to the museum complex. A masterpiece of Venetian Renaissance sculpture, it clearly shows the symbols of its patron: the cross, the eagle and the books. 
  • Characterized by an elegant pavement dating back to 1759, CAMPIELLO DELLA SCUOLA remains faithful to the medieval court it comes from: it overlooks the buildings that make up the Badoer complex, the Church of San Giovanni, the ancient cemetery and the marble gate. On the side of the school there is a plaque that shows the water level during the flood that struck Venice on November 4th, 1966... quite unsettling! 
  • THE RENAISSANCE STAIRCASE. Created in 1498 by Mauro Codussi, this architectural masterpiece, introduced by two large portals, joins the atrium and Sala delle Colonne. The peculiarity of this work is the presence of an illusory space created by Codussi... enough, we can’t reveal anything else, come and discover the rest in person! 
  • You will be intrigued by the SALONE SAN GIOVANNI dating back to the mid-1700s: this large, elegant and bright Sala Capitolare has a spectacular paving in polychrome marble and is embellished with paintings by Tintoretto, Longhi and Tiepolo
  • Inside Oratorio della Croce you can admire the precious Gothic RELIC made of rock crystal and silver, containing two fragments of the true Cross on which Jesus died. These sacred remains were donated to the Scuola in 1369 by the French knight Philippe de Mezières, Grand Chancellor of the Order of Cyprus and Jerusalem. 
  • Next to the Scuola San Giovanni Evangelista stands the CHURCH of the same name, founded in 960 by the Badoer family who for a long time retained ownership as well as the exclusive right of burial of its family members. Today the Church, still consecrated and granted in perpetual use to the Scuola, has an almost square appearance with a single nave and features two major chapels and the sacristy, reachable through one of these. The Church also houses a precious organ of Giovanni Battista Piaggia dated 1760. 
  • A portal located in the western part of the church leads to the SPAZIO BADOER, an extraordinary example of a still intact covered cemetery where the friars used to be buried. The area is currently used for art exhibitions. 


Interesting, isn’t it? These are just a few of the things you can explore by taking part in our evocative evening visit to the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista Museum. But be quick: the only available dates are Friday 6th July and Friday 21st September!

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