Private Gametour ‘The Mystery of the Amulet’ at the Catajo Castle - Padua: visit & play

Duration: approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes 

Location: Padua

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Why choose this experience?

1 To visit Catajo Castle with an original private tour combining art, history, mysteries and legends
2 To experience gametour, a truly novel experience: an interactive game-cum-visit, based on shared storytelling, to be enjoyed in the guise of a 'detective' and as protagonists rather than just spectators
3 To get wrapped in the unique and evocative atmosphere of the 'Euganean Hills Palace', one of the most imposing historic houses in Europe, and its many unresolved mysteries

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From 1st March to 30th November

Departure point:

At the reception desk next to the Castello del Catajo entrance door

Departure time

March, September, October and November
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Friday, Sunday and holidays
to be agreed from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm

April, May, June, July and August
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Friday, Sunday and holidays
to be agreed from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm

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€312.00 per service (the price per person may vary according to the number of participants in the tour).

approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Private guided tour
  • All materials necessary to complete the game
  • Admission ticket to Catajo Castle
  • Parking area
  • What is not specified under "Inclusions"
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Full description

Do not miss our private gametours at Castello del Castajo, events that are not-to-be-missed to explore this ancient dwelling in an all-new way! Guided tours become engaging and interactive with this innovative format based on playing and storytelling.

If you are looking for original activities at the Castle of Catajo, visits or original itineraries that will lead you to discover the legends and mysteries that hang over one of the most impressive historic houses in Europe, whilst at the same time getting to know its history and masterpieces ... we have got just the thing for you!

During our original visit to Catajo Castle, acting like true detectives, you will have to find clues and discover secrets which, one room after the other, will help you solve the Mystery of the Amulet: an intriguing enigma that has its roots in the bloody murder of Lucrezia Dondi Dall'Orologio - wife of Pio Enea II Obizzi - assassinated in the night between 15 and 16 November, 1654, and reached the fatal attack of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914, considered the main reason for the outbreak of the Great War.

How are these two characters so distant in time and space connected? What clues lie hidden in the sumptuous frescoed rooms of Catajo Castle? Your guide will give you a short track to start from and accompany you on an adventurous tour of Catajo Castle in Padua between art, history and legends... or perhaps real facts? Get ready to find all the clues: the Mystery of the Amulet is waiting for you to be finally solved!


The plot of the gametour

'I had finally decided to rearrange my attic. I took a day off on Sunday, but I had no idea that would have been the first day of a long journey '

Buried under hundreds of other papers and yellow documents, a journalist finds an odd-looking parcel in his attic. It is very dusty and looks quite ancient. Intrigued, he opens it and finds an amulet with a black stone embedded in it, along with some documents that speak of two seemingly unrelated things: the murder of Archduke Francis Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914 (which started the First World War) and the Castle of Catajo, in the province of Padua.

'I could not understand any of those documents, so I decided to set off for the only place mentioned in those papers. I bought a ticket for Padua and went to Catajo Castle, determined to solve this mystery. I contacted a local guide and left. '

Deepening yourself into the meanders of Catajo Castle you will find clues to help you solve the intricate enigma of the Amulet: an experience designed to give you the opportunity to get to know the places visited not only as simple observers but as protagonists… and as real detectives! With your ingenuity, or helped by other participants, you will have to put yourself in a detective’s place and be ready to do anything to answer one, but crucial question: what happened to the amulet of Castello del Catajo Lucrezia Obizzi?

Are you ready to help the reporter try to solve the mystery during this original visit to Castello del Catajo? Legend or reality? The guide is waiting for you, the old documents are there for you to study... It is up to you to decipher the legend of Catajo Castle on Lucrezia Obizzi's assassination!


The Catajo Castle

Did you know that a short distance from Padua is one of the most important palaces in Italy and Europe? The Catajo Castle is a fascinating house where history, mystery, art and colors will transport you into a magical bygone atmosphere!

An elegant literary lounge crossed by intellectuals of the likes of Ludovico Ariosto and Sperone Speroni and a private residence that hosted noblemen and royals of half-Europe, today Catajo Castle is a pearl of rare beauty... immersed in the park of the Euganean Hills, with a cycle of frescoes among the most famous and best preserved of the 1500s, which allows you to relive the glories and splendour of a shining past ..

The imposing complex was built by the Obizzi family, ‘soldiers of fortune’ originally from Burgundy, who arrived in Italy in 1007 following the emperor Arrigo II. In the second half of the 16th century, Pius Enea I of the Obizzi decided to expand the maternal home building a palace to glorify the glory and prestige of the family. The new building was designed by Pio Enea, with the help of the architect Andrea Da Valle, and beautifully frescoed by Gian Battista Zelotti, a student from Verona. The pictorial cycle produced by Zelotti is one of the most complete and best preserved ones in northern Italy and represents the deeds of the Obizzi family in a self-aggrandizing guise.

In 1803 the last member of the Obizzi family left Catajo Castle to the heirs of the Casa d'Este: the Archdukes of Modena Francesco IV and Maria Beatrice of Savoy.  

In 1838 a crucial event that marks the history of Catajo occurred: the visit of the Austrian emperors Ferdinando I and Maria Anna di Savoia. They stayed at the castle ‘only’ 4 days, but to accommodate the entire Austrian imperial court 95 new rooms were built (the so-called' Castel Novo ') and a memorable and lavish party was organized, with striking dances and settings - including a fake volcanic fireworks eruption.

In 1875, the castle passed into the hands of Francesco Ferdinando D'Asburgo, heir to the throne of Austria. After the First World War, the Catajo Castle was requisitioned by the Italian government and auctioned after the 1929 crisis. It was then owned by the Dalla Francesca family until 2015, when it was bought by the Cervellin family.

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Enjoy our private gametour ‘The Mystery of the Amulet’ and take part in an original guided visit of Castello Catajo in Padua! A new and engaging experience that will transform you into the protagonists of an unparalleled adventure, a game of history, art and intrigue to solve an ancient mystery!

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