Gametour Veronica Franco: visit Venice with the most famous courtesan of its past

Duration: approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes 

Location: Venice


Why choose this experience?

1 To visit Venice accompanied by one of the much-talked-about women of the Serenissima, Veronica Franco
2 Because you will get the chance to be actively involved in the experience: a fascinating Adventure Theater Venice tour that combines art, history and mystery with a theatre show
3 Because of the innovative format: you will discover some of the most beautiful areas of Cannaregio amidst bizarre plot twists, enigmas and fascinating stories!

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all year, subject to availability.

Departure point:

Fondamenta Canneregio, in front of Gam Gam restaurant. 

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Dates and times may vary according to the period.


  • May and June 2019
    10.00 am or 7.00 pm
  • July 2019
    7.00 pm


  • May 2019
    12.00 pm
  • June and July 2019
    not available
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approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Guided tour
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Full description

Discover the allure of the Cannaregio district with an all-new Adventure Theater Venice tour! Explore new areas full of spectacular views in the company of a true celebrity of the Serenissima's past, the courtesan Veronica Franco!

An original experience blending reality and fantasy will let you experience Venice under a new light... Passing through narrow streets, squares and little-known areas, your task will be to help Veronica search for her precious pendant during a guided tour that combines art, history and theater!

A fun gametour with fascinating anecdotes, plot twists and riddles to solve to get you super involved in this truly unique tour!

The format

Do you want to take part in an original guided tour? Adventure Theater in Venice offers original experiences that combine the information provided by a guided tour with a new tour format, where art and culture are interpreted and communicated through drama, offering visitors a different approach than the one provided by mass tourism – an alternative approach built starting from Venice’s stories and little-known treasures.

You can actively participate in the tour and become the protagonists of a true story. The presence of an actor in costume will help to create the right atmosphere and make your visit truly unique!

The Adventure Theater - guided visit & tours in Venice are held by professional actors who will accompany you on a spectacular walk suspended between fiction and reality in the beautiful stage provided by the streets of Venice ... The characters at the center of each tour - Verona Franco here, but see also Tintoretto in another visit on our portal - all really existed: the visit therefore seeks to be a way to get to know their story and, of course, the city where they lived in a truly original way.

Our Adventure Theatre Venice gametours are suitable for everyone: try them with your family or with your friends and, why not, even with your better half! The limited number of participants, 12 maximum, guarantees an intimate and pleasant visit, far from the noise of the large groups expected on most of the tours around Venice.

The itinerary

The route of our gametour Adventure Theatre in Venice, starting from the splendid Campo del Ghetto and ending at Scuola Grande della Misericordia (approx. 2 km), will allow you to admire:

  • Church di Sant Alvise, built in the second half of the fourteenth century by the noblewoman Antonia Venier, after San Ludovico da Tolosa had appeared to her in a dream.
  • Church of Madonna dell'Orto, one of the most representative buildings of Venetian Gothic style.
  • Campo dei Mori, easily recognizable by the presence of the four moor statues placed in the wall of the houses.
  • Tintoretto’ house, where the painter Tintoretto was born and lived until his death. A splendid example of a fifteenth-century Gothic residence.
  • Casino degli Spiriti, the nickname of Palazzo Contarini dal Zaffo, the favorite meeting place for restless spirits.
  • Lezze Palace and its high reliefs of remarkable alchemical symbolism.
  • Abbazia della Misericordia, of ancient foundation, it was later rebuilt in Gothic style in the 13th century.

Are you ready to discover more about these places and listen to the story of Veronica Franco?

Veronica Franco

A poet and noblewoman who lived in the 16th century, Veronica Franco is one of the most controversial female figures in Venetian history.

In the Renaissance, Venice recognized two types of courtesans: the honest, intellectual type, and the one that would resemble modern prostitutes. Veronica was part of the first category. The daughter of a honest courtesan, she was introduced to this art by her mother, soon succeeding in emerging and making a name for herself thanks to her remarkable intellectual talents. She married a very rich doctor at a young age and, at the end of the marriage, she managed to gain a leading role among the high-ranking courtesans, so as to be included in the ‘Catalog of all the most important and honored courtesans of Venice’. Veronica enjoyed the comforts of a noble existence for most of her life, looking for her patrons among the wealthiest and most cultured men of the time... Legend has it that she even had a short liaison with King Henry III of France. She was a woman who earned her prestige by herself, never being able to enjoy the protection afforded to 'respectable' women.

She wrote two volumes of poetry, ‘Terze rime’ and 'Lettere familiari a diversi’, published collections of letters and brought together the works of famous writers in one volume, also becoming part of one of the most famous literary circles in Venice.

During the plague that decimated the city’s population, in 1575 Veronica Franco was forced to leave Venice. Upon her return, as well as having lost much of her wealth, she had to defend himself in a trial of the Inquisition. After her acquittal, little is known of her life... At the death of her last benefactor, she found herself deprived of any financial support.

Treat yourself to an authentic experience with Adventure Theater: Veronica Franco is waiting for you to reveal the most mysterious secrets of her beautiful city!

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