I Slow Venice: live an experience of sustainable tourism in Venice

Duration: approx. 3 hours 

Location: Venice


Why choose this experience?

1 To find the very essence of Venice, accompanied by an expert nature guide of Slow Venice
2 Because it includes one of the most fascinating itineraries of sustainable tourism in Venice, Italy and the discovery of the Castello area
3 To combine nature, culture and responsible tourism in Venice in an original experiential tour lasting about three hours

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from 18 April to 27 June and from 5 to 19 September 2019.

Departure point:

ACTV water bus stop 'Arsenale' on Riva Ca' di Dio.

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3.00 pm

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Multilingual tour


Full: €15.00

Children from 6 to 12 years: €5.00
Children up to 5 years: free

approx. 3 hours
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Full description

Slow Venice is the ideal experience for those who want to approach Venice's everday life, thereby more authentic, by visiting less touristy parts and discovering the ancient traditions that are the true essence and a significant part of the city on the water.

True to our insiders style approach and always looking for new ideas and products to offer, we have recently entered into a partnership with Slowvenice, a local company that has long been working in the field of sustainable tourism in Venice, Italy. Slow Venice offers different routes of responsible travel in Venice, a new and original way to get in touch with the soul of the city and find new areas whilst wandering through areas and locations where the real Venice's everyday life takes place...

Slow Venice was founded over twenty years ago and is run by a group of passionate nature and environmental guides. It is dedicated to responsible tourism in Venice, offering excursions and itineraries in which elements of the culture and local traditions combine to highlight the natural environment, giving added value.

The Venice guided tours sustainability are designed to promote a sustainable slowvenice. By following the simple principles of authenticity and contamination, routes run by Slowvenice combine an unusual mix of nature, tourism and culture: new experiential slow Venice itineraries that will open the doors of the real Venice!

The uniqueness of Venice is the result of a delicate balance between the natural environment and human presence. To preserve this precious harmony it is necessary to promote Venice responsible tourism and to be conscious to take into account the limits of the city and help to preserve it. Thanks to its unique lifestyle, made up of walking and centuries old daily gestures, Venice is one of the easiest cities to live in in the world, a small world of its own that needs constant care and attention to keep its incomparable beauty intact ... Venice sustainable tourism aims to contribute to the preservation of the city!

Outside the usual and busy tourist routes, Venice has many other surprises ... Slow Venice is one of the most fascinating cultural itineraries in a lesser known Venice, an unusual Venice sustainable tour that follows an 'alternative' route off the beaten track, designed by expert Venice nature guides to give you the very essence of the city.

Following in the footsteps of those who live in Venice every day, take one of the most impressive cultural itineraries in Venice: history, art, nature and traditions of the Castello district, considered the most authentic Venice. The qualified nature and environmental guides of Venice who founded this tour will take you on a magical journey of discovery, knowledge and awareness.

The original cultural itinerary of Venice Slow travel lasts about three hours, offering an exciting guided walk in the Castello district. It takes place every Thursday afternoon, starting at 3pm in front of the ACTV 'Arsenale' stop located in Riva Ca' Dio, close to the Naval Museum of Venice. The itinerary includes the following stages:

  • Arsenal Earth Gate - a splendid example of Renaissance architecture in Venice that combines elements of the former medieval entrance to the sculptures and symbolic representations reminiscent of the famous naval victory of Lepanto;
  • La Tana - which was the entrance of an area in the Arsenal: the name of the square, Tana, is derived from the Russian city of Tanai, from where hemp used in the manufacture of ropes used to come from, made right in the room with access from the  La Tana Square;
  • Corte Nova – a typical Venetian courtyard bounded by two porticos ... One of them, the Sottoportico Corte Nova houses a double chapel dedicated to Madonna of the Health, erected to thank to the Virgin for saving the inhabitants of the Court for the epidemics that have devastated Venice over the centuries;
  • Via Garibaldi - one of the most vibrant streets of Castello, with shops, bars and restaurants;
  • St Anna Church, whose original building dates from the 13th century;
  • St Pietro di Castello - majestic cathedral of Venice until 1807, whose monumental façade that is still visible today was designed by Andrea Palladio;
  • the Biennale Gardens, the largest green area of Venice boasting long avenues offering pleasant walks ...

Thanks to our experiential Slow Venice itinerary you can establish an intimate relationship with the city. You will experience the peace of the less busy streets, the atmosphere of the areas lived by the Venetians and the ancient craft shops, perfumes and aromas that will take your fantasy away, to places that have marked the past of the Venice Republic: feelings and emotions that you can experience better because of the reduced number of people who will participate in the tour Venice sustainability together with you!

Lingering on small details and details that usually tourists do not tend to notice, you will feel the slowness and the significance of small actions and daily activities ... Step by step, listening to the stories of expert nature guides who will accompany you, you can enjoy the magic of the less touristy parts of Venice and live an almost surreal experience!

Responsible travel in Venice: Slow Venice! Slow tours in Venice allow tourists to experience Venice in an alternative way, getting in touch with its people and its traditions, and experiences to share with other people who, like you, want to promote and bring sustainable tourism in Venice, Italy!

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Reviews for I Slow Venice: live an experience of sustainable tourism in Venice

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Family with children

Booking No. 1817352

Reviewed on 21 Apr `18

'Vraie Venise'

Visite du sestiere del Castello, peu frequenté par les touristes. Notre guide italophone nous a expliqué beaucoup de choses sur la ville et son histoire a travers des details d'architecture, des anecdotes et aussi sur la vie des venitiens maintenant.


Proximité avec la guide, pour connaitre la vraie Venise



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Family with children

Booking No. 1720109

Reviewed on 20 May `17

'Excellent guide who showed us through Venice'

Very relaxing walking experience across the streets of Venice (around Arsenale, Giardini). Tour guide explained about the Venice's history, sociology and shared many other interesting facts. We had a toddler with us but the tour guide tried to engage him where ever possible. Overall it is an excellent trip and worth the time and money.


Patient and knowledgeable tour guide Good route to walk about



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