'Il Ballo del Doge' by Antonia Sautter: the most exclusive event of the Venice Carnival!

Duration: approx. 7 hours 

Location: Venice


Why choose this experience?

1 Become the protagonist of one of the most exclusive events in the world and experience an evening that you will remember for a lifetime
2 Relive the atmosphere and splendor of the Venetian aristocracy at the time of the Serenissima Republic, thanks to the marvelous settings and the packed program directed by eclectic Antonia Sautter
3 Enjoy a delicious dinner specially designed by an expert Chef with a menu that reinvents, in a contemporary key, typical Italian flavors and produce

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Important information


Saturday 22 February 2020

Departure point:

Scuola Grande della Misericordia
Cannaregio 3599

PLEASE NOTE: to take part in the event, you need to print the voucher and go to Maison Antonia Sautter Creations & Events on the day of the party and collect your personalized invitation.


Departure time

8.30 pm for tickets with dinner - SOLD OUT
11.30 pm for AD tickets

Languages available

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Attendance with dinner including welcome cocktail and opening show, seated dinner, Il Ballo del Doge great show, open bar and dancing floor. You can choose from the following sections:

  • Section A – Rhapsody: best view of the stage: € 3,500.00 - SOLD OUT
  • Section B – Symphony: excellent view of the stage: € 3,000.00 - SOLD OUT
  • Section C – Opera: good view of the stage: € 2,500.00 - SOLD OUT
  • Section D Plus – Sonata: (lateral seats) € 2,000.00 - SOLD OUT
  • Section D – Serenade: (lateral seats) € 1,500.00 - SOLD OUT

Attendance after dinner including welcome performance, entertainment on the ground floor, open bar and dancing floor:

  • AD Disco: entry from 11.30 pm, price € 500.00
approx. 7 hours
  • Attendance
  • Welcome cocktail and show
  • Seated dinner and fine wines
  • Shows and performances
  • After dinner party
  • Dancing floor and drinks
  • ----------------------------------
  • After dinner party
  • Dancing floor and drinks
  • Rental of period costume
  • What is not specified under "Inclusions"
Additional information:

PLEASE NOTE: To take part in the event, you must go to Maison Antonia Sautter Creations & Events (San Marco, Piscina di Frezzeria 1652) on the day of the party, show the voucher received by email (printed or in electronic format), and collect your personalized invitation.

Once the booking has been confirmed, you will receive a data privacy module: please complete it in all its parts and send it to us as soon as possible.

There is no refund in the event of NO-SHOW (if you don’t present yourself at the event or leave the event before its end).

To comply with privacy laws, the use of snapshot or video cameras or mobile phones is not allowed during the evening.

Compulsory Dress Code: period costume. Evening dresses, tuxedos and make-up not suitable for the dress code are not allowed.

You can rent your costume at the Antonia Sautter Atelier, where you will find more than 1,500 models created by her. In the event that you decide to participate with your own costume or one rented from another Atelier, please send us a photo to have it approved by the event organizers.

Customer cancellation policies:

  • For cancellations received no later than 20 January 2020, there will be a refund of 50% of the ticket price and any ‘extra’ purchased services
  • For cancellations received after 20 January 2020, there will be no refund

The organization reserves the right to cancel or suspend - totally or partially - the event. In this case, the amount paid will be refunded and the organization will not be held responsible for any other action, request, loss and/or expense incurred by the client.

In exceptional cases and/or reasons of force majeure (i.e. acts of nature, strikes, exceptional closures,serious unexpected events or health problems experienced by the person in charge with the service after which it is really impossible to find a substitute) the service you booked might be cancelled. If this should happen, you will be informed as soon as possible and, according to the type of service you booked, you will have the possibility to choose between postponing the service on the first date available or receiving a total refund of the price paid, if the cancellation policy of the service itself allows a refund.

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Attention: only the 'After Dinner tickets' are available, the other ones are sold-out.


Here we are, everything is ready for the most awaited Carnival event: we are talking about ‘Il Ballo del Doge' in Venice, which this year will take place on Saturday 22 February in the splendid venue of Scuola Grande della Misericordia. The construction of this majestic building, which lasted 12 years, was entrusted in the 16th century to the great Renaissance architect Jacopo Sansovino and houses the largest hall, after the Doge’s Palace, frescoed by Paolo Veronese’s School. In short, a magical and evocative place that perfectly lends itself to the exclusive character of the evening.

Now in its 27th edition, this unmissable event has won the title of the most prestigious and exclusive international masked ball and is considered one of the ten most glamorous events in the world. Over the years, in fact, many characters from cinema, music and fashion have joined it: David Bowie, Antonio Banderas, Zucchero Fornaciari and Alberta Ferretti, to name just a few.

‘Il Ballo del Doge’ 2020 is waiting for you to make you relish a charming and fascinating evening, with a unique atmosphere, breathtaking shows and a dinner specially designed by an expert chef, accompanied by refined wines. Such an event cannot be easily described: a dancing evening, a dinner show and a masquerade... everyone can live it in their own way and from their own perspective. Without any doubt, it is the ‘Masked Ball’ by definition and the first to bring back the opulent atmosphere of the Venetian aristocracy during the Serenessima, consisting of parties, balls and banquets. ‘Il Ballo del Doge’ in Venice is not only a great social event, but also an extraordinary event capable of bringing people from all over the world together in a context of absolute elegance and fun.

Each edition has a different setting, inspired by the dreams of its creator, Antonia Sautter, a talented fashion designer and organizer of glitzy events, famous all over the world; and it is thanks to her fantasies made up of colors, images and sounds that you will become the true protagonist of the evening. This year's theme will be ‘Carnival Rhapsody: Provocation, Redemption, Miracle’: a tale of the Venetian Carnival through the symbolism of Rhapsody, which, in its musical meaning, represents the freedom of interpretation, a succession of rhythms and ideas that breaks down barriers and allows you to experience improvisation, in which you too can tell your own story according to your point of view.

Luxurious decorations, ad hoc scenes, artistic performances with more than one hundred performers, refined dishes and drinks, music, dancing and entertainment until late at night, make Antonia Sautter’s Ballo del Doge a truly unique event.

You will be welcomed by a welcome cocktail, followed by a delicious dinner made by a renowned chef, with a tailor-made menu inspired by the foods and flavors typical of Italian cuisine, interpreted in a modern key and accompanied by fine wines. Cocktails and drinks will also be served throughout the evening.



Attendance with dinner (includes welcome cocktail and opening show, seated dinner and wines, ‘Il Ballo del Doge’ great show, open bar and dancing floor):

  • Section A - Rhapsody, best view of the stage: € 3,500.00
  • Section B - Symphony, excellent view of the stage: € 3,000.00
  • Section C - Opera, good view of the stage: € 2,500.00
  • Section D Plus - Sonata, lateral seats: € 2,000.00
  • Section D - Serenade, lateral seats: € 1,500.00


Attendance after dinner (includes welcome performanc, entertainment on the ground floor, open bar and dancing floor)

  • AD Disco - entry from 11.30 pm: € 500.00

Are you ready to live the most magical night of the Venice Carnival? Do not miss what the press and media define the most sumptuous and exclusive masked ball in the world, that everyone, at least once in their life, should attend.

‘Il Ballo del Doge’ awaits you on Saturday 22 February 2020 in the halls of Scuola Grande della Misericordia. Send us your request by filling in the form on this page, specifying the type of ticket you desire and if you the need to rent a period costume: we will reply as soon as possible, after checking if seats are available. But do not hesitate, as, given this is a very exclusive event, tickets sell out very quickly!


'We sail on the wings of a butterfly, on a night, whose memory will not fade at the dawn of the new day'
[Antonia Sautter]

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