Palladio’s Villa Rotonda in Vicenza: exclusive private guided tour with the noble owners

Duration: approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes 

Location: Vicenza


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1 To admire with your own eyes Villa La Rotonda, a masterpiece by Palladio listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site, accompanied by the noble family of owners who still live there
2 To visit Villa Rotonda’s interior, one of the most beautiful private villas in the world, enjoying the exclusive privilege of visiting the ancient kitchens and the ground floor, private and 'secret' spaces normally closed to the public
3 To visit Villa Rotonda during the closing time as unique guests, without having to stick to the ordinary opening days and times to visit inside

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from 15 March to 14 December

Departure point:

Vicenza, Villa La Rotonda, via della Rotonda 45 (at the gate)

Departure time

Tuesday to Friday
12.30 pm and 6.00 pm

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€857.00 per service, to be divided up to a maximum of 10 people. 

As a result, the price per person varies according to the number of participants, starting with a minimum of €85.70 per person

approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Private guided tour of the interiors (including ground floor and ancient kitchen which are normally inaccessible to the public) and exteriors in the company of the owners’ noble family
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Full description

Visiting Villa Capra, better known as La Rotonda, the greatest masterpiece among all the Palladian villas in Vicenza and Veneto, is an unmissable stop if you plan on staying in the lands of Venice. But there are different ways of visiting it, and we want to offer you a truly exclusive and original experience: a private visit to Palladio’s Villa Rotonda during the closing time accompanied by an exceptional 'guide', the Valmarana family, owners of the villa for more than a century. But there’s even more: you can even admire the ancient kitchens and the ground floor, private spaces usually closed to the public. It will be an unforgettable moment you will treasure for the rest of your life: we insiders, who tried it out for you, give you our word!

Among the many masterpieces by Palladio, Villa Capra la Rotonda is definitely the most important one, known and studied all over the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the city of Vicenza and the other villas by Palladio, Palladio’s Rotonda in Vicenza is one of the most extraordinary buildings in the history of architecture because it represents the perfect harmony of square and sphere, two geometric elements that apparently do not blend in. Instead, Palladio wonderfully managed to merge them into a timeless architectural structure. And then there is also the surrounding landscape: the villa dominates the landscape that surrounds it just like the greenery enhances the beauty of the villa, creating wonderful rays of light and shadow inside. The Rotonda di Vicenza is a spectacular place that you will never forget once you see it.

Today you have the opportunity to visit this world-renowned masterpiece in an exclusive and exceptional way: in a Villa la Rotonda private tour, as unique guests, enjoying the company of the noble Valmarana family which still lives inside and keeps the Villa la Rotonda by Palladio in top-notch condition. In fact, you will be welcomed by the owner himself who will take you through the majestic frescoed interior rooms and the rooms on the ground floor, which are normally not accessible to the public, all this whilst telling stories you can’t find in history books: from stories of his ancestors and illustrious guests who visited the villa in the past, to the daily life in this majestic villa. Who else could make an already exceptional experience even more unique than those who still guard Palladio’s Rotonda villa with care and love? The Count Valmarana will tell you about the secrets that the villa still hides behind its splendid frescoed walls and up the spiral staircase that Palladio hid in 'secret' environments. You will also explore the ground floor and the ancient kitchens, perfectly preserved spaces inaccessible to visitors which will let you get an even deeper understanding of this extraordinary masterpiece by the great architect.

Villa Almerico Capra Valmarana called La Rotonda (this is its full name) is at first glance an austere house, reminiscent of a classical temple. Upon entering, a consciousness of our limited height assails visitors who feel small compared to the overwhelming, divine-like beauty. This place touches our souls. Your gaze will be immediately captured by the high dome and the frescoes and, immediately afterwards, your soul will rejoice at the sight of the side rooms with family memories, fireplaces and antique salons. Yes, the Rotonda is still a private residence: a home, not just a museum. Did you know that?

It was built as a private residence in 1567, in the middle of the Renaissance period, at the behest of Paolo Almerico, a great man of religion of culture from Vicenza who, after finishing his career at the papal court, decided to retire in the hills. He was a rather determined and precise client: legend has it that he said he wanted to control the project in detail and that Palladio had to work with him in many things. It took two centuries to decorate it: the frescoes, the stuccos, the precious fireplaces, the precious floors were in fact completed between the late 1500s and the beginning of the 18th century.

But the result is truly astonishing: a villa that looks like a temple and elevates the spirit, whilst also conveying peacefulness and quiet, offering marvellous views over the uncontaminated surrounding landscape that blends in perfectly. It seems almost impossible that it also had agricultural functions, and yet - like all the villas of the Veneto and indeed, more than any other villa in the Veneto, La Rotonda combines 'useful with pleasure' by linking noble environments to rural areas without harming its beauty.

The Valmarana family opened the interiors to the public only in 1986 (prior to this it was viewable only from outside – just like today for most of the time), and there are still very few visitors who have had the privilege to visit the splendid frescoed rooms. But above all, there are very few people who can have the privilege of a Villa Palladio tour accompanied by the noble owners, also visiting the private spaces and closed to the public, hearing it tell with the affection of those who live in it and keep it with love. Our private Palladio’s Rotonda guided tour is a truly unmissable chance!

Treat yourself once in your life: indulge in the luxury of a Palladio tour in Vicenza as unique and special guests of the noble family who still inhabit it, during the closing hours to the public. It will remain an indelible memory, a strong and exciting experience unique to this particular part of the world. You will feel transported to another dimension: timeless, just like our villas.

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