Private gondola ride with music - 30 minutes

Duration: 30 minutes 

Location: Venice


Why choose this experience?

1 Enjoy an exclusive gondola ride immersed in the magical atmosphere that only music can create.
2 Hear and learn the traditional songs of Venice and its region thanks to a local singer and excellent music accompaniment!
3 Discover the magic of Venice aboard a gondola booked only for you and the people dearest to you!

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All year

Departure point:

S. Moisè Gondola Pier in Calle Larga XXII Marzo (near the Bauer Hotel in Campo San Moisè)

Departure time

To be agreed.

Languages available

There are no explanations during the tour.


The price for the entire gondola is €265,00 up to a maximum of 4 people (includes the advance booking fee that will allow you to save time on site and live music onboard).

30 minutes
  • Private gondola ride
  • Singer and music
  • Guided visit
  • What is not specified under "Inclusions"
Additional information:

PLEASE NOTE: the voucher you will receive at the end of the booking must be printed in duplicate copies: one must be shown at the gondola station at the time of embarkation, while the other must be handed to one of the musicians.

In the ‘Preferences about the tour’ box, please choose the departure time taking into account the operating times of the service.

There will be no refund in case of NO-SHOW (non-attendance at the meeting) and / or rejection of the service on the day, if customers wander off during the tour or if they decide to leave the tour before the end of the service.

Please arrive at the meeting point at least 10 minutes before the tour departure time: if you are late, the duration of the gondola ride will be less than 30 minutes.

The tour might be suspended in case of bad weather. In such cases you are required to go to the departure point in order to know whether the tour takes place or not and any alternative ways to use the service.

The route of the gondola ride may be subject to change depending on flood levels and other circumstances.

No concessions available for this tour. Please enter the exact number of participants (children included) under the field ‘n° of adults’.

The pictures on this page may not exactly represent the itinerary of the gondola ride.

In exceptional cases and/or reasons of force majeure (i.e. acts of nature, strikes, exceptional closures,serious unexpected events or health problems experienced by the person in charge with the service after which it is really impossible to find a substitute) the service you booked might be cancelled. If this should happen, you will be informed as soon as possible and, according to the type of service you booked, you will have the possibility to choose between postponing the service on the first date available or receiving a total refund of the price paid, if the cancellation policy of the service itself allows a refund.

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Full description

Would you like to book an exclusive and different kind of gondola ride? The private gondola tour with music will allow you to navigate the secluded canals of Venice aboard an elegant gondola listening to the typical songs of Venice’s tradition thanks to the presence of a local singer accompanied by the characteristic sound of an accordion or the sweet one of a guitar ... Lulled by the tranquil rocking of the waves, imagine yourself admiring characteristic views, hidden canals and majestic palaces imbued with the magical atmosphere that only music can let you experience!

It will be fun to hear the rich repertoire of songs from Venice and Veneto: you will relive magical love stories born in the fields and streets of the city on water, the incredible events of fearless heroes of the lagoon or simply let yourself be captured by the romance of the serenades crooned and played by the musician who will entertain you for the duration of the gondola ride!

As well as art, history, customs and recipes, folks’ songs too are a reflection of the soul not only of a place, but above all of its inhabitants. Music from Venice is subdivided into different categories but feelings and the fascinating lagoon always take center stage: among the most common types of songs, there are strambotto, which tells of love stories and derives from ancient songs of travelling and navigation, and da batelo, a composition designed to entertain the participants of boat tours and very popular in eighteenth-century Venice. The songs were composed both by anonymous amateur authors as well as famous ones who did not reveal their name.

Are you curious to find out which songs the inhabitants sang while they went about their daily chores? Yes, the songs provided company, marked the pace of working activities and contributed to alleviating hard work and that's how the songs resonated from one house to the next or one square to another...

The private gondola ride with music in Venice will allow you to discover also this new aspect of the local traditions to live a truly unique experience, which you can share only with your partner for a moment of pure romance or with friends and family up to a maximum of four people!

Your private gondola with music and singer will start from the gondola station at the exclusive Bauer Hotel in Campo San Moisè, where you will get onboard together with the singer and musician. From there, you will set off to discover the most intimate canals and the most secluded areas in Venice immersed in a magical atmosphere made of music and long-lost silences. You will be able to relish the true nature of this island: you will admire from a privileged position the most elegant Venetian palaces built along the Grand Canal, you will see up-close the Rialto Bridge sitting comfortably on your gondola far from the crowd of tourists. Along your itinerary you will have the privilege of enjoying the unique spectacle of the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, which overlooks the sea and is considered one of the most beautiful examples of the very high spirituality that marked the 1600s in Venice. With this special experience you will also reach small unknown corners, narrow inner canals and admire breathtaking views that can only be seen from the water... are you ready to experience one of the most exciting moments of your trip to Venice?

The private ride on a gondola with music in Venice is the right choice for those who want to live the unmissable experience of a ride on a gondola, the typical and elegant boat symbol of Venice in the world, whilst having fun and being entertained by a truly unique music repertoire!

A very special occasion to discover the famous city on water and fully appreciate the ancient roots of its folks’ music ... Book your private gondola ride with singer online and you will have the opportunity to book a gondola just for you and choose the departure time you prefer based on your requirements!

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