Secret Chocolate - Dance lessons and sweet temptations at the Grand Hotel dei Dogi

Duration: approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes 

Location: Venice


Why choose this experience?

1 Spend an original afternoon this Carnival filled with group dances and sweet tastings
2 Experience a few hours of life as a rich aristocrat of the Serenissima in a truly unique location: a magnificent 16th century noble palace far from the main tourist itineraries
3 Discover the most secret corners of the magical garden surrounding this luxurious building thanks to a short guided tour

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Important information


Friday 1 March 2019.

Departure point:

Grand Hotel dei Dogi, Fondamenta Madonna dell'Orto (Calle Larga Piave), 3500 – Venice.

A shuttle service from the Royal Gardens in St. Mark's Square is included in the price.

Departure time

3.30 pm

The shuttle service from the Royal Gardens in St. Mark's Square departs at 3.00 pm.

Languages available

No explanations.


€120.00 per person

approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Dance lesson
  • Hot chocolate and Venetian sweets
  • Musical entertainment
  • Visit of the secret garden
  • Return shuttle service St. Mark's Royal Gardens - Grand Hotel dei Dogi
  • What is not specified under "Inclusions"
Additional information:

No credit or refund will be given in the case of a NO SHOW (if you do not show up at the event).

If you want to attend the event please show a copy of the voucher (electronic and paper copies of the voucher are both accepted).

Reservations will be accepted up to the number of places available.

Dress code: historical costume (costumes must be the traditional Venetian costumes from the 1600s-1800s).

CANCELLATION POLICY: any cancellations must be notified by 18 January 2019. After this time the tickets are no longer refundable. 

In exceptional cases and/or reasons of force majeure (i.e. acts of nature, strikes, exceptional closures,serious unexpected events or health problems experienced by the person in charge with the service after which it is really impossible to find a substitute) the service you booked might be cancelled. If this should happen, you will be informed as soon as possible and, according to the type of service you booked, you will have the possibility to choose between postponing the service on the first date available or receiving a total refund of the price paid, if the cancellation policy of the service itself allows a refund.

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Full description

Fancy having some fun but don’t know how to face the cold Carnival afternoons? On March 1 2019, the Grand Hotel dei Dogi, the Dedica Anthology, will open its doors to give you a warm fun-filled afternoon... Wear a beautiful vintage dress and jump into the past dancing in the sumptuous sixteenth-century rooms of this elegant Venetian palace!

The Grand Hotel de Dogi, the Dedica Anthology, can be found far away from the crowded tourist routes. Built in the sixteenth century by the Patarol family, the building preserves all the charm of Venetian architecture and art: the polychrome marbles, the magnificent stuccos, the inlays, the brocades and the beautiful Murano chandeliers seem to contribute to recreating a glimpse of the glory and wealth of the great Republic of the Serenissima. Its walls first welcomed the Patarol family and later the famous noble family of the Rizzo, and from then onwards the palace became the seat of a monastery and the embassies of France and Savoy. Today it has been transformed into a wonderful five-star hotel filled not only with elegance and tradition, but also with comfort and fun!

What makes this magical location truly unique is the large garden: over 2,000 square meters of green space, this is the largest private garden in Venice! With Secret Chocolate - balls and tastings at the Hotel dei Dogi in Venice you will have the privilege of visiting this lush garden admiring caves, fountains, false ruins and trompe l'oeils... A truly unmissable experience!

Are you ready to for some warmth in these cold winter days? This charming 'Secret Chocolate' will promises to create a truly original afternoon: sip a hot chocolate and savor exquisite Venetian sweets while an expert dance teacher and his partner will teach you the steps of the traditional Carnival group dances! Throw yourself on the dance floor and try to replicate these fun steps with the help of your teacher! The beautiful melodies of a baroque trio will accompany the dancing!

You will discover, for example, the sweetness and romanticism of Waltz footsteps, which in the 19th century spread across all the European courts; you will learn the Minuet, a popular dance of French origin much loved by Louis XIV, or you will let yourselves go to the excited rhythm of Polka, a fast-paced partner dance that originated in Bohemia at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Among the best-known folk dance,s it’s also worth mentioning the Farandola, a Provençal dance where men and women hold hands and dance to the rhythm of the flute and drum players; and Contraddanza, a peasant dance of the seventeenth century where ladies and knights dance in two opposing rows.

To take part in this event, a vintage dress is required so as to let you fully enjoy the atmosphere of the most famous Carnival in the world, wearing the clothes of the noble Venetians of the past.

Secret chocolate – the Carnival event in Venice at the Grand Hotel dei Dogi is an event of great charm, which combines fun, elegance and delicacies made by the best pastry chefs of the place. Experience the excitement of reliving the ancient hobbies of the rich Venetian aristocrats in the cold winter afternoons and let yourself go to the madness of the Secret Chocolate at the Grand Hotel dei Dogi for Venice’s Carnival!

If you wish, you can reach the Grand Hotel dei Dogi with a boat that will leave at 3.00 pm from the Giardini Reali near St Mark’s Square.

Book your 'Secret Chocolate' now: live dances and music for a charming Carnival afternoon!

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