St Mark's Square Express: Short Guided Tour to St Mark's Square and its Most Famous Sights

Duration: aprox. 50 minutes 

Location: Venice


Why choose this experience?

1 A suitable choice for all those who have little time to visit Venice and want to get a general idea about its most famous sight, St Mark’s Square.
2 Enjoy an overview of the most important monuments overlooking St Mark’s Square, and perhaps gain an insight into which ones you should choose for an in-depth visit at a later time
3 Enjoy an unforgettable experience when strolling in the ‘most beautiful living room in Europe’ accompanied by a guide, who will make you better appreciate the elegant structure of the square and the precious and elegant style of its buildings.

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From 16 November to 30 March 2020

Departure point:

In front of 'Vènezia Unica' office (San Marco 71/f), next to 'Vetreria Pauly & C.' in St Mark’s Square

Departure time

Until 26 December 2019

English: 2.00 pm, 3.00 pm

English: 2.00 pm
Italian: 3.00 pm

From 27 December 2019

English: 10.30 am, 11.30 am

English: 10.30 am
Italian: 11.30 am


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Full: € 18,00
Children up to 5 years: free

aprox. 50 minutes
  • Guided tour with local guide
  • Entry tickets
  • What is not specified under "Inclusions"
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Full description

Have you decided to spend only a few days in Venice and would like to see as many things as possible, despite the little time available? In this case making the most of your time is absolutely essential if you want to admire the best of the city on water and bring home unique memories of your trip!

One of the must-see destinations is beautiful St Mark’s Square, the true heart of Venice, a treasure trove of architectural, artistic and historical masterpieces. From wherever you admire it you can see the many beautiful buildings, monuments and palaces that surround it, steeped in unique history and art. If you had several days available there would be no problem to visit them all but, if the opposite is your case, what to see on St Mark’s Square?

We at Venetoinside have created ‘St Mark's Square Express: a short guided tour to its most famous sights’, the ideal choice for those who want a brief but comprehensive historical and artistic overview of its main buildings and monuments seen from the outside. An expert local guide will introduce you to the fascinating history of the island and of the glorious Serenissima Republic starting from the most beautiful sight in St Mark’s Square: the Napoleonic Wing, from which, at a glance, you can admire the entire square, with its 12.128 square meters of unparalleled beauty. Your guide will take you on a short but fascinating Saint Mark’s Square guided tour lasting about 50 minutes, and present, one by one, St Mark’s Square top attractions, telling you about their unique history, public function, architecture and short interesting facts hiding inside them...

This Venice’s square visit is a must: considered one of the most fascinating squares in the world, so much so that Napoleon Bonaparte called it the ‘most beautiful living room in Europe’, it brings together wonderful architectural works with many different styles and historical coffee venues under the ancient arcades of the Procuratorie Vecchie to the north and the Procuratorie Nuove to the south.

A gathering place since the time of the Venetian Republic, seat of the government and center of the religious life of the city, the Venetian Square represents today one of the destinations favored by tourists, who visit it to enjoy its beauty, learn about its history or, simply, spend quiet and carefree moments whilst drinking good coffee or sipping an aperitif.

The highlight of your St Mark’s Square Venice tour is the Basilica of the same name, beautifully decorated with ornate golden mosaics and precious marbles from the Far East. Towering over the square is the ‘Paron de casa’, i.e. St Mark’s Bell Tower, the tallest in the city, from which it is possible to admire a breathtaking view of Venice and its lagoon. Another monument that overlooks the entrance to one of the main streets, Antica Merceria, is Torre dei Mori, featuring a large astronomical clock, a masterpiece of engineering and technology from the late 15th century. Last but not least, the Doge’s Palace, once the Doge's residence and seat of the local magistrates as well as the building best representing Venetian Gothic style.

At the end of your short St Mark’s Square guided visit, spend a little time enjoying the incomparable view of the lagoon that embraces the mesmerizing setting of St Mark’s Square between the two high columns with on top the statues of the of St Mark’s Lion and St Theodore......

Are you still thinking about what to see on St Mark’s square in Venice, Italy? You will find the answer thanks to this St Mark’s Square guided visit: a short introductory tour with clear and important information to understand the origins and history of the most important area of Venice and its buildings. An excellent starting point to find your way around the historic center and decide, based on what interests you most, which aspects to delve into and which monuments to visit from the inside or with other dedicated guided tours or simply with the admission ticket that can be purchased directly online.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn about the things to see in St Mark’s Square in Venice! Book online this tour and explore Venice’s true soul.

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