The treasures of Torcello Island: tour with local guide

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes 

Location: Venice

Per person

Why choose this experience?

1 Discover the evocative island that saw the beginning of Venice’s civilization and that preserves a unique charm
2 Together with an expert local guide, learn about the history of Torcello and the monuments and historical remains of this ancient island
3 To spend a few hours away from the chaos of the historic center of Venice, in what was once the 'capital' of the North Lagoon

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All year

Departure point:

In front of Locanda Cipriani, Santa Fosca square, Torcello

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Until 31 March 2022
Wednesday end Thursday
2.30 pm

Languages available

Bilingual tour English/Italian: explanations during the tour will be provided in two languages if the audience provenience is mixed (the same information will be presented in Italian and then in English, or vice versa, if participants are both Italian and foreigners).


Full: €49.00

Children up to 5 years: free
Children from 6 to 12 years: €12.00

1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Guided tour in Torcello
  • Entrance ticket to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta
  • What is not specified under "Inclusions"
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  • COVID-19: to participate in the tour you must wear the face mask. Remember to take it with you!
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Full description

What we are offering on this page is a truly special tour in a place imbued of history: the Torcello Island, Venice. Our insightful guide will accompany you to the discovery of its treasures by illustrating the incredible transformation that has taken place in this island over the centuries.

Torcello’s history, in fact, begins in the 7th century when, to flee from the barbarian invasions, people sought refuge in the peaceful waters of the Venice lagoon. Subsequently the island underwent an exponential growth: thanks to flourishing commercial activities, palaces, markets and a splendid cathedral were built and there were twenty-five thousand inhabitants. Over the centuries, however, all economic activities were slowly transferred to nearby Venice and Torcello experienced a slow but unstoppable decline: today this is an island of gardens with only twenty-one inhabitants. Even though only a few of the noble palaces, monasteries and churches that once stood in the island have been preserved, Torcello contains immense archaeological heritage that every year attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

What to see in Torcello, Island, Italy? Here are the main sights included in your visit to Torcello:

  • Built in 639, the majestic BASILICA OF SANTA MARIA ASSUNTA stands in the middle of the island, near what was once the central square. A splendid example of Venetian-Byzantine style, the Torcello duomo is a perfect combination of art and spirituality, as well as a precious testimony of the glorious past of this evocative place. Particularly noteworthy are the portico, the polychrome marble flooring with interlocking near-geometric shapes, but above all, the splendid golden mosaics that decorate the interiors, the most striking being the one with a gold background representing the Virgin which covers the entire central apse of the basilica. 
  • Next to the Cathedral are the CHURCH OF SANTA FOSCA and the Baptistery of San Giovanni Evangelista that once, together with the cathedral, formed a single religious complex. The precise year when the Church of Santa Fosca in Torcello is unknown, but reliable historical sources show that it was already present in 1020, probably where a Christian chapel once stood. Inside, you can see the remains of the dome collapsed in 1117 and 'Santa Fosca dormiente', one of the most valuable Venetian wooden sculptures. The church is surrounded by an elegant polygonal portico with raised arches. 
  • Only a few remains of the ancient Baptistery of SAN GIOVANNI EVANGELISTA can still be seen and found right in front of the Basilica. The excavations carried out at the end of the 19th century established that the original plan was octagonal, just as we can see today. Structured for the ceremony of immersion baptism, the main entrance to the baptistery was placed in front of the Cathedral door while the secondary one stood to the side. 
  • In 828 a church was built with a basilica plan with three naves dedicated to St. Mark the Evangelist but, with the passage of time, fell into disrepair and ended up being forgotten. At the beginning of the 12th century, in the park behind the Basilica, right on the ruins of the ancient church of St Mark, a SMALL CHAPEL - that we still see today was built. In that same area, recent archaeological excavations have brought to light the perimeter walls of the ancient building.
  • But in Torcello island, things to do are plentiful! A sight you cannot miss is TORCELLO DEVIL BRIDGE, the centerpiece of an ancient legend starring a young woman, a witch, the devil ... and a cat. We cannot tell you anything else, our guide will reveal all about the mystery that still surrounds this curious place, one of the only two bridges in Venice to maintain the old structure without a parapet.


So, are you ready to discover all the wonders of Torcello? A unique tour that will let you discover the cradle of the entire Venetian civilization!

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