Tintoretto: gametour with costumed actors in Venice

Duration: approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes 

Location: Venice


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1 Visit Venice in the company of Tintoretto, one of the greatest artists of the Serenissima
2 Experience the brand-new format of this tour: an engaging walk that combines art, history and mystery with theatre
3 Play a crucial role in the visit, helping the protagonist accomplish his mission amidst twists and turns, riddles and fascinating stories!

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all year, subject to availability.

Departure point:

Fondamenta Canneregio, in front of Gam Gam restaurant. 

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Dates and times may vary according to the period.


May, June and July 2019
7.00 pm

Special dates: 20 and 25 July with departure time at 10.30 am

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€34.00 per person

approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Guided tour
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Full description

Embark on a discovery of some of the most beautiful areas of the Cannaregio district with our all-new visits to Venice with actors in costume! A new way to experience the city through the characters that have marked its history ... The innovative format of these experiences will allow you to get to know the city in a fun and interactive way.

What was the art scene like in Venice in the 16th century? Ruthless, so much so that only those who knew how to stand out from the crowd managed to get noticed and make a name for themselves... Even famous Tintoretto was the victim of a wicked joke orchestrated by another great painter of the time and a bitter rival of his: Titian. If you succeed in helping Tintoretto accomplish the task that will allow him to complete his work, he will in return show you Venice through the fascinating eyes of an artist.

This exclusive visit to Venice with actors in costume includes some of the most charming areas of Cannaregio ... During the tour the actor acting Tintoretto will capture your attention with tales and legends, anecdotes and interesting facts from Tintoretto’s time!

The format

Adventure Theater tours combine the contents of an off-the-shelf guided tour with an original experience that aims to offer visitors alternative itineraries to those of mass tourism with a new format that presents art and culture mixed with theater.

By revealing Venice’s little known stories and treasures and held by professional actors in costume, these tours will turn you into the protagonists of the Serenissima's past... You will no longer be simple participants, but play an active role in a visit where fiction and reality will create a unique atmosphere, made even more authentic by the presence of the protagonist - the costumed actor - of the story on which the tour is based. All the characters guiding you during these our - Tintoretto in this tour or Veronica Franco in another gametour offered on our portal - have indeed existed. During the tour, they will tell you their story and that of the city where it unfolded.

The unique and mesmerizing landscape of Venice’s narrow alleyways will be the background for a walk of great charm, during which you will discover the Cannaregio district in a completely new and original way.

These original guided Venice tours with actors are suitable for everyone: in the company of friends, your family or your better half you will live a truly unforgettable experience! Thanks to the closeness of the tour, which includes a maximum of 12 people, you will enjoy a pleasant walk untouched by the clamour of the bigger groups typical of many tours in Venice.

The itinerary

Covering approximately 2 km, from the splendid Campo del Ghetto to Scuola Grande della Misericordia, the itinerary of our Tintoretto tour with actors in Venice will lead you to admire the following:

  • The Church of Sant Alvise, commissioned by the noblewoman Antonia Venier, after San Ludovico da Tolosa had appeared to her in a dream.
  • The Church of Madonna dell'Orto, a splendid example of a Venetian gothic style building.
  • Campo dei Mori with the famous four moor statues set in the walls of the houses.
  • Tintoretto’s house, a 15th century Gothic residence where the painter was born and lived until his death.
  • Casino degli Spiriti - Palazzo Contarini dal Zaffo, the meeting place of restless souls.
  • Palazzo Lezze with high reliefs bearing alchemical significance.
  • The Abbazia della Misericordia, overlooking the square of the same name, built before the year 1000 and rebuilt in Gothic style in the thirteenth century.

Are you ready to admire these places in a new and original way?


Jacopo Robusti, known as Tintoretto because of his father's trade – he was a fabric dyer – is considered the last great painter of the Italian Renaissance, as well as one of the greatest figures of the Venetian school and a precursor of Baroque art for his dramatic use of light and perspective.

Born in Venice in 1518 or 1519, he manifested a strong interest in painting at a young age, encouraged by his father who, in 1530, got him an apprenticeship in Titian’s workshop... But he was soon expelled apparently because the great master felt intimidated by the outstanding abilities of his young student.

Aged only 20, he was reportedly already awarded the title of master and had opened his own studio in San Cassiàn square.

Bar a brief period in Mantua, where he worked to create eight paintings for the Palazzo Ducale, Tintoretto worked in Venice during his entire life, remarkably surviving the plague that killed Titian... Private commissions, artworks for the Church della Madonna dell 'Orto, Scuola Grande di San Marco, Albergo della Scuola della Trinità and Scuola Grande di San Rocco, where he was also one of the members. After Veronese’s death, Tintoretto was tasked to complete the immense painting on the wall of the Sala del Maggior Consiglio at the Doge’s Palace, where he had already painted five allegorical canvases for the Saletta degli Inquisitori. His last work was for the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore.

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