Duration: approx. 30 minutes 

Location: Venice


Why choose this experience?

1 Because you will be transported back in time to discover one of the oldest places in the entire lagoon of Venice
2 To visit the cathedral of Torcello and to admire its mosaics and two mysterious rooms closed to visitors for a long time...
3 Because you will enjoy some time away from the busy historic centre embraced by the mystical and wild atmosphere of the island of Torcello

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from 1 April to 31 October.

Departure point:

outside of Torcello Basilica.

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From Wednesday to Sunday

11.00 am, 11.45 am, 12.30 pm, 1.15 pm, 2.15 pm, 3.00 pm, 3.45 pm, 4.30 pm

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English: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Italian: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Full: €9.50

children from 6 to 12 years: €7.50
children up to 5 years: free

approx. 30 minutes
  • Guided Tour
  • €1.00 booking fee
  • Entry ticket to Torcello Basilica
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Full description

This visit is one of the most charming guided tours of Torcello in Venice: it opens up the exclusive creaking gates of time, transporting you into the past, to the time when the island was at its moment of maximum splendour.

Torcello with a guide - a fascinating tour of the Torcello Church to discover its priceless mosaics, treasures and two areas that have remained inaccessible for centuries: the crypt and the sacristy.

An ideal destination for adventurous itineraries, Torcello island is very popular with visitors due to it being wild and unspoiled which gives an air of seductive mystery and a charming atmosphere of ancient times.

Torcello, Venice has been developed following the transfer of the inhabitants from the thriving city of Altino, devastated by the barbarian invasions that were flooding inland, quickly becoming one of the main centres of the Venetian lagoon. Due to the growing influence of Venice however, soon the inhabitants of Torcello migrated to its powerful neighbour, leaving the island to a slow and inexorable decline.

Today, Torcello island retains the memory of its former glory and a few structures have resisted the erosion of time, like the Church of Santa Fosca, the Devil's Bridge, the Provincial Museum of Torcello and the Torcello Cathedral Last Judgement ' the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, which is the privileged subject of our tour.

Commissioned in 639 as a new cathedral for the Episcopal seat of Altino, the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta is a real masterpiece of Venetian-Byzantine art. Our tour inside Torcello Venice Cathedral will reveal the priceless works of art, Torcello church mosaics and the secrets of this ancient structure that has spanned the centuries.

Among the beautiful Torcello Cathedral mosaics, majestic architectural elements and fine details, this fascinating tour will reveal the soul of the Basilica of Torcello making contact with the atmosphere of deep spirituality that emanates this impressive basilica.

Thanks to our guided tours in Torcello you can also visit two places within the Basilica of Torcello that have remained inaccessible to the public for centuries: the crypt and the sacristy.

A very rare element in the Venice area, the crypt under the altar is a passage in which one can see the old brick structure of the medieval basilica. Often being reached by the water, it has been equipped with a wooden bridge to make visits possible at all times.

Once the ancient portico of the Basilica of Torcello, and later closed to create a fourth nave, the sacristy presents stone elements dating from the ninth century and, hidden in a secret passageway, a beautiful and mysterious sarcophagus from Roman times brought to Torcello by the inhabitants of Altino during their escape from the mainland. According to legend, this tomb contained the body of Mark the Evangelist for some time, before the basilica in Venice was completed in his honour.

An ideal place for a brand new tour in Venice, Torcello church will give you an unforgettable experience. With this itinerary in the Basilica of Torcello you can get in touch with the charming atmosphere of the island, and enjoy two mysterious and exclusive places...

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Reviews for The Torcello Basilica and its Secret Itineraries

Based on 5 Reviews
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Solo traveler

Booking No. 1687346

Reviewed on 10 Aug `16

'Basilica di Torcello guided tour'

The interior of this basilica is literally breath-taking - to start with, you've probably never seen mosaic floors with intricate patterns constructed from more than one hundred types of marble. And the impact of the astonishing wall mosaics is immediate, and curiously personal. But if you want to understand how - and when - these treasures came into being, based on my own experience and without hesitation, I'd suggest the guided tour. The tour guide was a formidably-knowledgeable professional conservator, and not only her knowledge but her commitment to this place were quite wonderful. If you can read up a bit before the tour - google can help - you'll have some context for what you see and what you'll hear; if not, and you can't quite take it all in, it's still very much worthwhile... the sense of continuity over more than one thousand years is very strong here.


Knowledge and commitment of the guide.



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Young couple

Booking No. 1448168

Reviewed on 01 Aug `14

'Torcello Basilica Tour was great!'

My girlfriend went to Venice in mid-late July 2014 and had a blast. The Torcello Basilica tour was the best guided tour we went on while staying in Venice. The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta may not be on the same scale as St. Mark's basilica, but to me it was just as impressive to us given it was built in the first half of the 7th century. Their is a lot of very interesting history in this place (and a lot of gold mosaics). Our guide Celine was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Being part of the archaeological team that has actively been working in and around the basilica for the last few years has obviously left her with a firm grasp on the subject matter. Celine was able to give us a very personal and thorough tour for just the two of us. That's something you'll never get at St. Mark's, for example. Her English was very good and she was able to easily answer all of our questions. The tour went longer than scheduled, about 15 minutes due to all of our questions, and may have gone longer if she didn't have another tour. The Torchello archaeological museums were pretty cool too. They've found lots of Ancient Roman artifacts in the area. We also went next door to the church of Santa Fosca which was very beautiful as well. All in all, I couldn't recommend this tour more, especially for the price. If you want a great personal tour, away from all the crowds in Venice, this is it.

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Family with children

Booking No. 1414197

Reviewed on 09 May `14


visite très agréable et intéressante d'une basilique merveilleuse. Merci à notre guide, charmante, douce et nous donnant des explications très intéressantes. L'île de Torcello est une merveille: la campagne, l'eau et un formidable restaurant pour le farniente (la taverna tipica)! une vraie matinée de rêve et de vacances.

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