Duration: approx. 2 hours 

Location: Venice

Why choose this experience?

1 To take part in a traditional Venice Masked Ball and enjoy the happy atmosphere of the 'Step-by-Step – Cocktail and Dance' event
2 To taste a delicious hot chocolate in the hall of world famous Hotel Danieli and learn the steps of 18th-century balls in 'Cotillon - Sweet Dance Lessons'
3 To take part in a very exclusive Venice Carnival Party including a gala dinner and a masked ball, One of the best Venice Carnival 2015 party ideas is for sure the 'Minuetto – Dinner and Dance' event

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Saturday 7 February, Tuesday 10 February, Friday 13 February, Saturday 14 February, Sunday 15 February, Monday 16 February.

Departure point:

'Step by Step - Cocktail & Dance' at Hotel Splendid Venice - San Marco 760, Mercerie; 'Cotillon - Sweet Dance Lessons' and 'Minuetto - Dinner & Dance' at Hotel Danieli - Castello 4196, Riva degli Schiavoni.

Departure time

Step by Step - Cocktail & Dance
5 pm (till 7 pm)

Cotillon - Sweet Dance Lessons
4 pm (till 6 pm)

Minuetto- Dinner & Dance
8.15 pm (till 12 am)

Languages available

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Step by Step - Cocktail & Dance
€100 per person

Cotillon - Sweet Dance Lessons
€100 per person

Minuetto- Dinner & Dance
€270 per person

(Rental of Carnival costumes not included)

approx. 2 hours
  • what specified in the description of each event
  • Rental of Carnival costumes, masks and accessories
  • What is not specified under "Inclusions"
Additional information:

No credit or refunds will be given in the case of a NO SHOW (if you don't show up at the meeting point at the time indicated on your voucher). This is a collective tour, which means there might be other participants going on the tour with you. Dressing up with historical costumes is compulsory.

In exceptional cases and/or reasons of force majeure (i.e. acts of nature, strikes, exceptional closures,serious unexpected events or health problems experienced by the person in charge with the service after which it is really impossible to find a substitute) the service you booked might be cancelled. If this should happen, you will be informed as soon as possible and, according to the type of service you booked, you will have the possibility to choose between postponing the service on the first date available or receiving a total refund of the price paid, if the cancellation policy of the service itself allows a refund.

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Full description

Every year the calendar of Venice Carnival activities features music, masked balls, party ideas and dinners, so there is always an answer for those who do not know what to do during Carnival in Venice! There are usually thousands of tourists from all over the world swarming in the city to enjoy the lively atmosphere of its Carnival and join the magic of Venice Carnival balls & masquerades. This means experiencing an intriguing mixture of amusement, transgression and ancient traditions evoking the fascination of Venetian eighteenth century.

If you are wondering what to do at Carnival in Venice you will find plenty of ideas on venetoinside.com! Just choose the right event for you among our proposals of Venice Carnival party ideas, such as the best Venice Carnival Balls including the rental of costumes to dress up luxuriously in a top Venice Carnival location as Venetians rituals require to do. Book online your Venice Carnival masked party and Venice Carnival dinner in advance! The few tickets available will be soon sold out and we advise you not to miss this opportunity to take part in the best balls of Venice Carnival.

venetoinside.com has selected for you three unmissable Venice Carnival balls that will be held on different dates during the first two weeks of February 2015...Dancing cocktails, traditional Venice Carnival masked balls and themed dinners will give you the chance of discovering unique and exclusive locations, made even more stunning by the libertine and playful atmosphere you breathe in Venice during the Carnival festival.

What is the dress code for each Venice Carnival 2015 party? Just dress up after choosing the Carnival historical costume that best suits you! If you need to rent a costume, you will have a wide range of proposals waiting for you at Atelier Tiepolo, located inside the famous Hotel Danieli for the whole duration of Venice Carnival.

Just choose the Venice Carnival Ball you prefer on the list below and send a request to us! The irresistible lure of a Venice masked ball 2015 is a must at least once in your lifetime!

'Step by Step – Cocktail & Dance'

Dates: Saturday 7 February, Friday 13 February, Sunday 15 February

Price: €100.00 per person (costume rental is not included)

Time: from 5 until 7 pm

Minuet, waltz and contradance...Venice Carnival music and folk dance will be the perfect ingredients to have fun in the magnificent setting of Hotel Splendid Venice court.

Thanks to an unusual blend of cocktails and dance, this Venice masked ball 2015 will make you plunge into the atmosphere of ancient pastimes for people of all ages. The party includes two drinks (cocktails or other drinks you can choose among a wide range of proposals offered by our sommeliers) and delicious finger food you will enjoy while an expert Dance Master and his partner will show you the basic steps of ancient folk dances. Live music played by a baroque trio will make the ideal instrumental accompaniment for this facinating Venice Carnival party.

The charming location of this Venice Carnival Ball will be an ancient Venetian palace, which makes the event atmosphere really unique and unforgettable. Hotel Splendid Venice is located only a few steps from St. Mark's Square and it is easily accessible also from the Rialto area. The palace has been famous since 16th century, when it housed a inn called Locanda Cappello Nero...

Address: Hotel Splendid Venice - San Marco 760, Mercerie

'Cotillon – Sweet Dance Lessons'

Dates: Tuesday 10 February, Saturday 14 February, Monday 16 February

Price: €100.00 per person (costume rental is not included)

Time: from 4 until 6 pm

This is one of the the most original events of 2015 Venice Carnival, featuring dance lessons and hot chocolate...in costume!

Don't miss this opportunity to spend an original Carnival afternoon! Masked balls, live Carnival music and a stunning location are the perfect ingredients to fully enjoy the lively Carnival atmosphere. Expert Dance Masters will teach you the basic steps of traditional 18th-century dances, like cotillon and minuet, in the magnificent setting of Hotel Danieli! So you will have the opportunity to practise for the masquerade balls of 2015 Venice Carnival and perform at your best!

During the party you can sip hot chocolate and taste Carnival pastry, while live music played by a baroque trio will make the ideal accompaniment for this facinating event in the astonishing hall of Hotel Danieli.

'Minuetto – Dinner & Dance'

Dates: Saturday 7 February, Friday 13 February

Price: €270.00 per person (costume rental is not included)

Time: from 8.15 pm until 12 am

Minuetto is one of the best balls of Venice Carnival taking place in a Venetian palace, that will make you plunge into the authentic atmosphere of ancient masked parties and learn 18th - and 19th – century folk dances.

It offers a unique opportunity to experience a real Venice Carnival dinner together with amusing dance lessons given by professional Dance Masters in the famous setting of Hotel Danieli. During and after dinner a baroque quartet will perform live music and a dance master will entertain you with group dancing (minuet, waltz, etc.)

The dinner, offered by the famous restaurant of Hotel Danieli (La Terrazza), includes four main courses and wine in a fixed party menu. Any food intolerance should be communicated in advance, at the time of reservation. After your booking, you will not be allowed to require any change of the dinner menu.

Cotillon – Sweet Dance Lessons and Minuetto – Dinner & Dance will be held at Hotel Danieli, a world famous hotel in Venice facing St. Mark's Basin, that has always been synonym with elegance and romanticism...The main building, dating back to the 14th century, was the dwelling palace of Doge Dandolo, so it is the perfect location for such a prestigious and sumptuous event!

Address: Hotel Danieli – Castello 4196, Riva degli Schiavoni.

Historical costumes are required to take part in all events described above. Costumes, wigs, masks, hats and other accessories can be rent directly at Hotel Danieli, more precisely at Atelier Tiepolo. This atelier offers a wide selection of Venetian costumes, all of which are hand-made with natural fabrics and materials, and also provides hairdresser and make-up services.

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