Venice Marathon Pasta Party - Saturday 21 October 2017


Why choose this experience?

1 To immerse yourself in the Marathon atmosphere and top up with carbohydrates
2 To prepare for the itinerary with a briefing by a Venicemarathon technician
3 To dine with the top runners, special guests of the event

Who said Venice Marathon is just hard work and deprivation? Even this year, the Marathon of Venice will be accompanied by many opportunities to socialize and share experiences with who, just like you, has decided to face this challenge all the way! Venicemarathon, in fact, is much more than just a sporting occasion based on a competition: it also constitutes an appointment of sociality and entertainment!

If you are wondering how to take part in Venice marathon Pasta Party, this is the page for you! Pasta party of Venice marathon will take place near the Venicemarathon Expo Village, the historic Marathon headquarters since 1991. The 'Sports Village' comes alive in the days before the competition, becoming the venue for all the side events that enrich the Venice Marathon... The Venice Marathon Pasta Party is just one of them!

This year, before you put on your running shoes, an unmissable party awaits you: the Pasta Party of Venice marathon! The day before the race, when the last training session is over, you will have the opportunity to allow yourself a bit of deserved relaxation after all the effort you have made by attending a great pre-race party where you can fill up with physical and moral energy and reach the competition day in top form!

The Pasta Party will be held at Hotel Russott, a stone’s throw from Exposport Venicemarathon Village. The event is an opportunity to immerse yourself completely into the atmosphere surrounding the competition, to get to know the protagonists of yesterday and today and to prepare yourself for the imminent challenge. Furthermore, you can live this wonderful experience with those who will accompany you: relatives and friends, even those who are not registered to the Venice Marathon, are welcome!

Venicemarathon Pasta Party is a way to fully experience the lively Marathon atmosphere, but also to relax and lower tension. An occasion of conviviality that brings together all the participants and their supporters around a dish of pasta, in a spirit of mutual support! It is also a great opportunity to complete your level of preparation thanks to the valuable advice provided by experienced and technical runners of Venicemarathon.

The party will begin with a briefing that will enable all participants to get familiar with the 31st Venice Marathon itinerary. A Venicemarathon technician will illustrate the route, explaining the critical points and the greatest difficulties that athletes will encounter.

It will be followed by a rich carbohydrate dinner with many delicious proposals even for those who have just come to see you. An opportunity to ease pre-race tensions and improve your sporting performance on a technical level! In addition, during the party, there will be various prominent figures of the running world who will be able to give you valuable advice to live your experience at its best! What other opportunity to have dinner side by side with the top guest runners of the Venicemarathon?

Among the exceptional guests Julia Jones: a writer, trainer and experienced runner. Since 1998, thanks to her training program, she has helped thousands of people challenge their limits, proving that anyone can run and train for a marathon. In her CV the athlete has, among other reached goals, 33 marathons and 3 Half Ironmen, as well as important literary and editorial contributions, such as her role as a monthly column writer for the 'Correre' magazine and the editing of the book 'Correre al femminile'

The Pasta Party Venicemarathon will take place at Hotel Russott, located in the immense Parco San Giuliano, just outside Venice.

How to reach Hotel Russott

  • By bus from Venice
    Lines: 5, 19, 12, 12/ - San Giuliano Park stop
    Frequency: every 15 minutes, until midnight
  • By Tram from Venice
    Line T1 - San Giuliano stop
  • By tram from Mestre Railway Station
    Line T2, change in Mestre Centro - Piazzale Cialdini to the T1 line for Venice until San Giuliano stop
  • By bus from Mestre Railway Station
    Lines 9, 15
  • By car from Milan / Bologna / Verona
    Exit the A4 motorway at the Venice Barrier and follow the signs for Venice. After about 4 km follow the signs for Treviso / Airport. Once having taken the overpass in that direction, after about 400 m you will find the San Giuliano Park on your right
  • By car from Trieste / Udine / Treviso
    Take the 'Terraglio' exit from the Mestre ring-road and follow the signs for Venice; after about 5 km you will find San Giuliano Park on your left.

Book online now for the Venicemarathon Party registration: to top up with carbohydrates and prepare for the race with top runners!

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Important info


Saturday 21 October 2017.

Departure point:

Russott Hotel - via Orlanda 4, 30173 Venice.

Departure time

6.30 pm


Full: €26.00

children from 6 to 12 years: €15.00
children up to 5 years: free

The service includes
  • Admission to the Pasta Party
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  • What is not specified under "Inclusions"
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