Your Own Tintoretto: personalized guided tour dedicated to the Venetian painter

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1 To experience Tintoretto thanks to a unique guided tour, completely customizable in every aspect
2 Because you can fix with your guide the point and time of departure, the duration of the tour and the places to include in your visit
3 To discover the city of Venice through one of its most famous inhabitants: a worldwide-renowned artist known who scattered his works all around the historic center

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approx. 2 hours
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Full description

If you are true fans of the Venetian painter, or even simple admirers who want to deepen their knowledge of the life of Tintoretto, his main works and the places where he worked, this private guided tour is the right choice for you!

It is no simple task developing an itinerary on Tintoretto: the paintings in Venice are scattered all around the historic center and organizing a path that includes all, or even Tintoretto’s most famous works, takes time and a lot of organization... If you don’t want to run the risk of missing out on something, the best solution is to rely on a local tourist guide and plan with her your own tour focused on the Tintoretto works and places in Venice. You can see Tintoretto’s house in Venice and where he worked, explore his masterpieces and compare the different themes he explores.

On top of the routes we have already designed with the local guides  who work with us - Scuola Grande di San Rocco & Gallerie dell'Accademia or San Rocco & Chiesa di Madonna dell'Orto and Sacrestia della Basilica della Salute & Gallerie dell'Accademia - below you can find a list of the other venues that guard Tintoretto’s most famous paintings in Venice.

In short: you can decide whether to book one of the guided tours listed above, with all the details already sorted out for you, or tell us which places you would like to include, choose the date, language and time of the visit... We will take care of constructing the itinerary, trying to satisfy every your wish!

Alternatively, you can also indicate even just one theme - for example a path focused on Tintoretto’s artwork on the theme of the Universal Judgement, on the works guarded in religious buildings, or a path focused only on a specific location, such as the Scuola Grande di San Rocco or the Gallerie dell'Accademia - and rely on the experience and passion of our guides for the organization of the guided tour.

Tintoretto in Venice: paintings and where to find them

  • San Giorgio Maggiore: the island of San Giorgio is a small jewel located right in the middle of the San Marco basin, in front of the most famous square in Venice. The splendid Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore, by Andrea Palladio, houses remarkable masterpieces inside including two Tintoretto canvases, the Last Supper and Raccolta della Manna. In addition to admiring the works of Tintoretto, don’t forget to go up the bell tower to enjoy a unique view of Venice, with St Mark’s Square right in front of you!
  • Church of San Trovaso: at a short distance from the Fondamenta delle Zattere and Gallerie dell'Accademia, this church contains a Last Supper which dates back to Tintoretto’s youth (1561-62).
  • Church of San Polo: here too you can admire a Last Supper, dated 1575. This church is located in the homonymous ‘campo’, on the way to the Rialto area, and in addition to the Tintoretto canvas, it houses masterpieces by many other artists such as Veronese, Tiepolo and Palma il Giovane.
  • Church of San Rocco: it houses four splendid canvases depicting the Stories of San Rocco. Conceived as a unitary cycle, they narrate the last events in the Saint’s life: Saint Roch healing the plague-stricken - the canvas that marks the beginning of Tintoretto's activity for the Scuola Grande di San Rocco is extraordinary in its dramatic depiction of the hospital; Saint Roch in jail comforted by an angel - characterized by another daring chiaroscuro technique; Saint Roch blessing the animals and The capture of Saint Roch. In 1937 this last painting was moved to the right wall of the nave, altering the original iconographic program devised by Tintoretto for the presbytery. Today, in its place, we can find Saint Roch in the desert, in which only the composition and the figure of the saint can be attributed to Tintoretto, whereas the landscape and the side parts are to be attributed to other artists. The church of San Rocco also preserves Christ healing the paralytic, located at the center of the right wall of the nave.
  • Church of San Cassiano: among the works of Tintoretto in Venice, the church of San Cassiano can boast a real treasure, the Crucifixion, as well as the Resurrection of Christ and the Saints Cassianus and Cecilia and the Descent to Limbo. The church is located in the homonymous ‘campo’, along the path that leads from Rialto to Venezia Santa Lucia train station.
  • Church of Santa Maria Mater Domini: this almost unknown church is located near the Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo. It houses numerous works of art, including the Invention of the Cross by Tintoretto.
  • Tintoretto’s house in Venice: a 15th century Gothic palace, located in the Cannaregio district, near Campo dei Mori. The façade of the palace is easily recognizable for the presence of a small statue representing Hercules and a plaque in memory of Tintoretto, who lived here for twenty years. It is currently a private and inhabited residence, so the interiors are not open to the public.

In addition to these more 'unusual' destinations, you can ask to include the great classics of Tintoretto - Madonna dell'Orto, Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Gallerie dell'Accademia and Sacrestia della Basilica della Salute - which we have already dedicated ad hoc private guided tours to.


On top of the guided tour, do not forget that on our portal you can also buy travel cards for public transport, convenient to move quicker between one place and another or to reach the island of San Giorgio.

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