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1 To visit Treviso with an experienced local tour guide, who is able to reveal the heart and soul of this beautiful city
2 Because you will be protagonists and creators of your own guided tour, with the ability to tell us what you would like to visit and indicate the time and the meeting point of your choice for the departure
3 To experience something unique and customize the proposed routes for Treviso to your liking

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approx. 2 hours
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No credit or refunds will be given in the case of a NO SHOW (if you don't show up at the meeting point at the time indicated on your voucher).

The Drama Tour route is suitable for a maximum of 30 participants.

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If you want to visit Treviso, Italy with an exclusive private guided tour, Your Own Treviso is the right solution for you! An expert tour guide in Treviso will accompany you to discover the things to do and places to visit in this picturesque city, the heart of one of the most famous areas of Veneto.

A Treviso, Italy guide enables you to admire, to discover and to understand without limits or constraints. Perfect in every season, this city is ideal for those who desire a slow walking tour of Treviso to savour every detail of its surroundings. The size of the old town makes Treviso a destination that can be easily visited in a day even if you are staying in Venice or in other cities of Veneto. The pebbled streets worn over time, the small streams, grand palaces and mansions within the perimeter of the ancient city walls make Treviso a gem not to be missed. A Treviso guided tour will tell you about the poetry and charm of one of the most impressive Venetian art cities!

Thanks to Your Own Treviso you can plan your visit from A to Z: choose one of the many proposed guided tours of Treviso or just inform us what you would like to visit. Our guided visit of Treviso is facilitated by expert local guides who will arrange and tailor the itineraries for your private tour of Treviso, according to your interests and needs.


The new format of the customized tour of Treviso has already proved successful in Venice, Verona and Vicenza! The purpose of Your Own tour is to allow our clients to experience a unique and personalized visit of Treviso, assuming the role of protagonists of the tour and not just mere participants and if desired, also organizers of the tour!

The Treviso guided tour will be planned and built with your collaboration, as you will inform the guide what personal interests you have and what fascinates you to organise a private and personal itinerary. Tourist paths, lesser known areas and classic places not to be missed: you choose the place to meet the guide, the date and time of departure. If you are staying in a hotel in the historic centre of Treviso, you will meet your guide in the reception area!

Our proposed tours of Treviso include the most important sites of the city, the historical periods which have most marked its long history and some original ideas for those who love the sport or want to visit something out of the ordinary!

To book one of our private tours of Treviso simply fill out the form indicating one of the proposed routes or stating your desired places to visit in Treviso: the guide will create a customized itinerary, indicating the timing to be followed and recommending any attractions or monuments in line with the theme you want to learn! Depending on the time you have available, you can visit Treviso in a day and a route will be worked out that will leave you free time for shopping or other activities.

Subject to availability of the private tour guide in Treviso, you can decide the day and time of departure, the meeting place and route. In the planning of your needs you will have a leading role, to give you a memorable private Treviso guided walking tour!


What to do in Treviso, Italy? If you do not know it well enough to know what it can offer visitors, the proposals listed below will provide a great help to understand which areas or topics to focus your tour. The short duration of each route - about two hours for a half day tour of Treviso - will allow you to merge multiple proposals or adding museums, attractions or other areas you'd like to discover. The security of being able to count on an experienced local private guide from Treviso, Italy, can show you famous attractions but also places and areas less touristy and more authentic of Treviso, will guarantee you one of the best tours of Treviso!

1) Itinerary Treviso centre: a guided Treviso city tour of the main historical and artistic sites, such as St Nicholas church - which houses a magnificent fresco by Lorenzo Lotto; the Chapter Hall of the Dominicans – painted by Tomaso da Modena in the 14th century; the Cathedral of Treviso - which houses the Annunciation by Titian; the of St Francis church with the tombs of the daughter of Petrarch and Dante's son; Santa Caterina Museum located in an ancient monastery, which houses frescoes by Tomaso da Modena and the beautiful chapel of the Innocents ... Among one site and another you can walk the streets of the centre flanked by shops and palaces, the Fish area and the Buranelli area, the famous Piazza dei Signori with the majestic Palazzo dei Trecento and some original features such as the mischievous Fontana delle Tette. During the Treviso guided walking tour you will be told about the history of the city and be pointed out the most important buildings encountered along the way, along with some examples of medieval architecture.

2) Visit medieval Treviso of Tomaso da Modena: an emotional journey to discover the works that Tomaso da Modena bequeathed to Treviso. Discover the St Nicholas church of the Dominicans and the Chapter Hall, the church of San Francesco and the recently restored Saint Lucia church and the cycle of St Orsola housed today at the City Museum of Treviso within the Church of St Catherine.

3) 19th century Treviso: a fascinating tour of Treviso, from the station, across the old town in search of traces of art history dating back to the 19th century. An emotional journey to discover contemporary Treviso passing through the Risorgimento, the main protagonists, such as Calvi, Silvio Pellico and Garibaldi, the first technological innovations.

4) 20th century Treviso: an unprecedented tour of Treviso of the ancient and modern, to understand how the past has influenced the present. In the urban fabric of Treviso, steeped in centuries of history, modern languages have discreetly been inserted paying great attention to the architectural traditions and styles already in the city. Architects like Samonà, Scarpa, and Portoghesi are only some of the great names that contributed to the aspect of contemporary Treviso.

5) Treviso city of water: also known as Little Venice for the impressive network of waterways that runs through the historical centre, Treviso is mentioned in the ninth canto of the Divine Comedy as the place 'where the Sile and Cagnan are accompanied''. The River Sile touches the southern part of the city offering some exquisite views while the River Botteniga creeps through alleys and past homes branching out in picturesque canals that run through the whole city. The university area, the Buranelli, the old mills and the sceneries of rare beauty of this city will make you understand why Dante decided to mention it in his greatest work.

6) Treviso and Vedutism: the incredible places celebrated in Treviso by the Vedutas of Medoro Coghetto, who, during the 1700s painted his city and its everyday life…During this unprecedented tour of Treviso, Italy the guide will bring reproductions of these wonderful views - both by Coghetto as well as other artists who have immortalized views and moments of everyday life - and, stopping at the represented places, the guide will explain the changes that distinguish Treviso in the Vedutas from the current one. Stories, legends and tales will enrich the tour route and will allow you to learn more about the places depicted. The route will travel through Piazza dei Signori, Ponte de Pria, Duomo, Riva St. Andrea and the port area, which has become the current Latin Quarter of Treviso.

7) Drama tour of Treviso: a half day tour of Treviso, Italy animated by characters who interpret the city giving it new life. An alternative and original route that will allow you to interact directly with the places visited, thanks to the emotions aroused along the way. The drama_tour of reviso retraces mysteries, suggestions, secrets and ancient crafts of the past and the legends of Treviso; (this type of visit is recommended for groups up to 30 people).

8) Urban Trekking Treviso: Treviso Italy sightseeing guided tour and trekking urban united in a unique tour. The unprecedented tour coupled with Treviso Urban Trekking is a viable alternative to traditional walking tour in Treviso of the historic centre: the itinerary will be made at a steady pace, without stopping, and will be enriched by historical events and curiosity recounted at the sites of the most important monuments . We recommend comfortable shoes and clothing. Our Urban Trekking route in Treviso runs along the walls; of about 5 km and the estimated time for the journey is equal to 2-3 hours.

Treviso: private tours of the city, tourist guide at your disposal throughout the itinerary and fully customizable! For your holiday in Treviso, trust!

Visiting a city is always a thrill, discovering it with a guided tour custom built for you is an adventure not to be missed!

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Solo traveler

Booking No. 222630

Reviewed on 22 Mar `22


I booked this Treviso Tour for a Sunday afternoon and was delighted with the whole experience. From the excellent customer service I received during the booking/deciding phase and the follow up to ensure I had everything I needed, to the spectacular tour Theresa gave around this beautiful city. She was so knowledgeable about everything, pointing out frescos I would have missed completely. We also went to the art gallery/museum and had a wonderful time, it felt like a lesson in art history as Theresa explained the significance of each piece. I highly recommend this tour and if Theresa is your tour guide, consider yourself very lucky, she was fantastic.


Knowledgeable, very friendly, good pace and variety of things to see and enjoy.


That I couldn't stay for dinner!

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